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News March 29, 2016

SXSW Photo Tour Diary: Pretty City

Melbourne shoegazers Pretty City returned from the US last week with a post-SXSW hangover. From their showcase for iHeartRadio Austin, which had been spinning their trackMelt this year, to the Aussie BBQ and ther official showcase atTellers Bar where the trio performed to a capacity crowd, Pretty City made the most of the Texas jaunt.

The band’s vocalist/guitaristHugh Matthews has collated aphoto tour diaryfor TMN:

Step inside the adventures of Pretty City at SXSW 2016. Here’s what we learned.

Make sure you wait around in a stylish pose, you will be doing a fair bit of it. Well played Drew.

Meet cool people like our fearless stache Johnny did here with The Gooch Palms. The Aussie BBQ is a great hangout for Australian artists and press, with Harts, Stonefield, DMA’s, The Gooch Palms and your boys Pretty City dishing up moody oz-rock in the centre of Austin this year. What a rad bunch of people!

Do some press, you will feel like kind of a big deal and when you tell your Mum she will be really proud of you. Cheers Mum.

Play some corporate SXSW showcases. The food rocks and the mild sense of artistic inauthenticity is manageable when there are 17 free pizzas sitting in front of you.

The food truck culture is an important part of the SXSW experience and a late night snack is always a good option after partying your cowboy boots off. Here Johnny spends the midnight hour staring tenderly into the loving embrace of a lobster roll.

Have fun! Eat too much fried food, play each show like it’s your last and wear the rudest shirt you own. Good things will happen 🙂


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