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News May 30, 2022

Survey Opens for ‘Music Industry Review’ on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

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Survey Opens for ‘Music Industry Review’ on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

Music industry professionals can have their say on their experiences with the dark side of the workplace as the ongoing “Music Industry Review” reaches a new milepost.

From today (May 30), employees across the industry are encouraged to discuss their experiences for a national survey, which plugs into the review, a long-overdue study on sexual harm, sexual harassment, and systemic discrimination in the music business.

The survey is a “vital part of the Review,” reads a statement announcing the launch of the survey, “and will provide hard data on the prevalence” of appalling behaviour in the industry.

By completing the survey, participants’ input will “help to inform the outcomes of the Review and its recommendations to create safe, respectful, and inclusive workplaces.”

Importantly, note the research team, respondents can complete the survey anonymously. All information collected will not be identifiable.

“The results of the survey will allow everyone in the music industry to understand the lived experiences of many music professionals,” comments lead consultant Alexandra (Alex) Shehadie in a statement issued Mon.

“This is the first step towards developing meaningful strategies to address the risks that can lead to sexual harm, sexual harassment, and systemic discrimination, and to ensuring that everyone in the music industry can thrive.”

As previously reported, Shehadie and Sam Turner were engaged to undertake the “Music Industry Review” via a comprehensive six-month consultation process beginning in February 2022.

The project is said to be a broad review of the workplace culture of the music industry “through the lens of sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination,” though it’s not examining individual instances or complaints of these behaviours.

Researchers are calling on participation of professionals from across the music industry, from song writers and composers to artists and performers, crew, agents, members of the live touring companies and record labels, promoters, employees of record companies, managers, publishers, venue managers and staff and company execs.

It’s an inclusive effort. The review teams are keen to hear from anyone who has experienced sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination, and those who may have been bystanders.

Announced in December 2021, the Review was triggered as Australia’s music industry finally faces its #MeToo moment, with companies and leaders across the sector sending the message that offensive actions in the workplace would no longer be tolerated.

The survey closes June 20, 2022 and the report and recommendations for reform will be published at the end of August 2022, its authors say.

“This is the first time the Australian contemporary music industry has come together to quantify the prevalence of these issues, and it is happening at a crucial time in our history,” comments a spokesperson from the working group, established following a roundtable gathering last May in Sydney.

This survey “gives all music professionals the opportunity to contribute to the Review regardless of whether participants have a story or incident to share. Every perspective counts. We encourage everyone to get involved, and be an active participant in setting new standards for the music industry and shaping our future.”

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