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News April 30, 2019

Study: How Australia avoids the politics of Eurovision voting

Study: How Australia avoids the politics of Eurovision voting

A study commissioned by Casumo analysed the voting records of every Eurovision final between 1956 and 2018, and looked at how they were affected by rivalries.

It also shows Australia has managed to transcend the rivalries.

In Eurovision, each country ranks their favourite songs by awarding them points.

Two sets of points are awarded in the current voting system; one from a professional jury and the other from televoting.

The maximum points vote is the highest score when these two are combined.

Eurovision fans will know that many participating countries have a tendency to award points to the same contestants each year.

These voting patterns are referred to as “blocs”.

The Friends & Foes study’s data shows that, for example, Romania and Moldova give each other 86% of the ‘maximum points’ votes.

Still, neither of them has ever won the competition.

Of the others:

Armenia and Russia – 47%

Ukraine and Azerbaijan – 29%

Latvia and Estonia – 25%

Slovenia and Croatia – 21%

Portugal and Ukraine – 19%

Estonia and Sweden – 18 %

Portugal and Spain – 18%

FYR Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina – 18%

Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia – 18%

On the far end of the spectrum, neighbours Russia and Ukraine are no voting allies.

Russia gave Ukraine a #1 once and Ukraine reciprocated three times.

Interestingly Russia has placed its neighbouring Ukraine first only once, and Ukraine has reciprocated three times.

Other data in the study is fascinating how favouritism works.

Australia, who’s been in Eurovision since 2015, has stayed out of the politics.

It has received a ‘maximum points’ vote twelve times, and only twice from the same country.

Its supporters are from all across Europe.

Australia has never awarded the ‘maximum points’ vote to another English-speaking country, nor received one from an English-speaking country.

It ranks #36 in the number of maximum points received (12) with 4 entries in the finals and 3.0 first place votes per final.

The UK, with 111 first place votes received topped the list, followed by Sweden (103), France (92), Ireland (88) and Italy (69).

Leading Eurovision YouTuber and blogger, William Lee Adams commented on Eurovision’s popularity in Australia:

“Eurovision’s popularity Down Under is partly a function of longevity.

“It’s been broadcast in the country for decades, which makes it a tradition for so many people starting in childhood.

“Also: Australia is a nation of immigrants – many from Europe.

“It’s a way for people to celebrate their heritage and feel European.

“Australia is also rather isolated geographically. Watching Eurovision helps Aussies feel more integrated with the West.”

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