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News November 9, 2017

Starting a record label? These indie label heads have some advice for you

Starting a record label? These indie label heads have some advice for you

This month, the standout event of Melbourne Music Week (MMW) is returning to take over the iconic Melbourne Town Hall on November 19.

Featuring 20 artists performing over three levels of the Melbourne landmark, Miscellanea is a collaboration between local labels Milk! Records, Wondercore Island, Aarght Records, Heavy Machinery Records and Chapter Music.

Expect live music moments from the likes of experimental music duo HTRK, Underground Lovers, Tyrannamen, Loose Tooth, Taipan Tiger Girls, friendships and CORIN.

As a primer of sorts we asked reps from each record label to share their advice, and take it from us, it’s worth heeding.

Wondercore Island

Si Jay Gould

Always give yourself more time than possible when scheduling releases, then add another month.

Have a morning routine that gets you in a good mental state and ready for the day.

Add a 10-20% contingency to all your budgets.

Celebrate the little victories.

Document as much as possible, one day it may mean a lot more.

Supporting artists can be really exhausting, make sure you take time for yourself and keep relationships outside of the industry.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help or saying you don’t know or understand something.

Seek mentors.

Chapter Music

Guy Blackman and Ben O’Connor

Just to do it! You could talk to someone you know who’s done it themselves first, or else just go out there and make your own mistakes. Also, don’t just do a label – play in bands, do a blog, put on shows, do a radio show, i.e get involved in as many parts of the scene you love as you can.


Jen Cloher

My advice would be to release music you truly love and believe in and work with people who appreciate what you’re doing.


Sophie Miles (Co-founder)

My advice to budding labels: dive in with an open heart, but also keep your eyes wide open. It’s all too easy to lose money… so rein in your budgets and master the art of saying no, so that you can remain sustainable. Then let the music guide you, it will never do you wrong.

Miscellanea takes place on Sunday 19 November at Melbourne Town Hall

Main Hall
Featuring HTRK + Underground Lovers (ft. Grand Organ) + Taipan Tiger Girls (ft. Grand Organ) + CORIN (ft. Grand Organ) + SEZZO SNOT

Yarra Room
Milk Records presents Jade Imagine + Fraser A. Gorman + Loose Tooth + East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Swanston Hall
Aarght Records presents Tyrannamen + friendships + Time For Dreams + School Damage + Spotting

Melbourne Room
Heavy Machinery Records presents Crypt Vapor + Elisabeth Dixon + Tanzer + Lovers of the Black Bird

The Portico
Wondercore Island presents Clever Austin + Jaala Vs Man + HTMLflowers + Wondercore Island DJs + Superfeather

Council Chambers
Chapter Music presents Fabulous Diamonds + Jessica Says + Laura Jean + David Chesworth + Guy Blackman + Gregor.

For more information check out the MMW website.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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