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News May 8, 2018

Stan Walker doco reaches almost 400k, The Voice steadies at 949k

Stan Walker doco reaches almost 400k, The Voice steadies at 949k

Music specials continue to draw ratings for the Nine Network.

Last night’s Stan Walker: Fight Of His Life drew 397,000 overnight metro viewers.

It was the 9th non-news & current affairs show, or the 20th highest rating screening of the night.

It was a warts-and-all tale of the R&B singer’s battle against a family inherited cancer and the removal of his stomach.

Walker himself flew into Sydney from New Zealand for the screening, announcing his arrival to his 187,000 Instagram followers.

He later revealed he was working out “what’s the new normal” on what he now can eat.

The Walker story, which was the highest rating documentary in New Zealand this year, followed The Voice last night.

The Voice topped the non-news & current affairs shows with 949,000, or fifth ranking for the night.

The episode marked a spat between coaches Boy George and Kelly Rowland over 28-year-old WA-hailed vocal hoop artist and DJ Sam Perry.

George’s argument was if Perry should be in the contest as his approach gave him the advantage of other competitors who had to fight nerves and other issues during their appearances.

The British singer told the DJ, “This is a really controversial knockout because… you’re a bit of a red sock in a white wash.

“This is called The Voice and you’re not really a singer.

“I do think you’re going to divide the nation because there’s a lot of big singers getting sent home and what you’re doing is kind of another area.”

Rowland, Perry’s coach, hissed back that George was merely being intimidated by the DJ who got a resounding cheer from the crowd and some of the other coaches.

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