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News June 3, 2021

Spotify launches Only You brand campaign & in-app experience

Spotify launches Only You brand campaign & in-app experience

Spotify has launched a new individualised in-app experience, Only You, which it will also push as part of a brand campaign.

The new offering draws from an individual’s Spotify history to create personalised playlists that reveal the uniqueness of their listening habits, with users then being encouraged to share the findings across their own social platforms.

After listening data is processed, Spotify Only You allows for each user to explore a range of interconnected categories.

These include their Audio Birth Chart, which depicts the listener’s top artist from the last six months (Sun), an artist that shows their emotional side (Moon) and an artist they recently connected with (Rising); as well as their Dream Dinner Party, which groups together three artists the listener would invite to their dream dinner party and tailors a unique Spotify Mix playlist for each corresponding artist.

Other categories include Artist Pairs, which highlights the unique audio or genre pairings the listener has recently engaged with; as well as Song Year and Time of Day, which respectively showcase how the listener interacts with music from different time periods and what kind of content they listen to throughout different stages in the day.

Finally, Genres/Topics seeks to inform customers on how their music and podcast genres differentiate them.

To coincide with the campaign, Spotify has also detailed plans to roll out a new personalised feature named Blend, which is currently in its beta testing phase and can be accessed within the app’s Only You hub.

Blend will allow for two friends to merge their musical tastes into a single shared curated playlist, which will be updated daily and grow over time as each listener’s habits evolve.

Spotify will promote the initiative using the listening habits of someone who listens to SCA, Lil Nas X and Harry Styles.

There will also be local iterations of the creative, featuring unique stats about local creators including Amy Shark, Lime Cordiale and Search Engine Sex. 

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