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News July 20, 2019

Which industry MD is walking around SITG dressed as a Dope Lemon mascot?

Which industry MD is walking around SITG dressed as a Dope Lemon mascot?

While we’ve been living it up [and maybe working a little too] at Splendour in the Grass, some have been working as hard as ever.

The same rings true for Heath Johns, Managing Director of BMG – perhaps the most fun and challenging label there is.

Among all the craziness, the partying and stand-out sets, a Dope Lemon-esque Johns was seen roaming the festival. Not only was he there repping one of BMG’s best, Dope Lemon [whose frontman is the the second half of Angus & Julia Stone]. But, he even decked himself out in a lemon-head. See photos below.

Check out Heath Johns with The Brag Media’s CEO Luke Girgis:

Heath Johns, Managing Director of BMG, pictured with The Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis

Look at that ‘dab’ from Heath Johns:

Johns performing an ever unfortunate ‘dab’ with his Dope Lemon head.

In an ever-changing musical landscape, it’s all too important that labels and teams are not only getting on-board with the many changes. But, they’ve gotta be fun too. And that includes those at the top, as evidenced by Heath Johns.

Dope Lemon has had a huge last few years. His debut album Honey Bones took him around the world. Now, Smooth Big Cat will see the Australian artist embark on an even larger tour across the globe.

The Sydney artist has just scored a new No. 1 with Smooth Big Cat, which is a big win for team BMG.

Really, it’s not common-practice for those at the top to be so involved and present, but for Johns and co, things are different.

Watch the video for Dope Lemon’s single ‘Hey You’:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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