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News June 24, 2021

Sony boss Denis Handlin left Amy Shark “in tears” after 2018 ARIA Awards wins

Sony boss Denis Handlin left Amy Shark “in tears” after 2018 ARIA Awards wins

Following the exit of Denis Handlin from Sony Music Australia amid toxic workplace claims, a shocking story has emerged in which Amy Shark reportedly bore the brunt of the former CEOs fury after she forgot to thank him in an acceptance speech.

As per Andrew McMillan’s article in The Australian, the singer-songwriter swept the 2018 ARIA Awards, winning four accolades, including album of the year.

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However, after she forgot to thank Handlin during one of her acceptance speeches, the music bigwig apparently “stormed out of the ceremony and left her in tears”.

The next day, Shark visited Sony HQ to “apologise in person and on social media.”

Shark has declined to comment on the matter, however, three sources have now come forward to the publication on the condition of anonymity to verify Handlin’s outburst, calling it “horrid”, “insane” and “f..ked”.

Amid Shark’s minor slip-up, Handlin reportedly became “furious”, the article explaining that “a furious Handlin was one of the most fearsome and intimidating presences in an industry which, to outsiders, appears to be composed of soft edges and glamour.”

As reported by TIODenis Handlin was removed as the company’s chief executive a week after the publication approached their head office with the complaints.

Denis Handlin

Sony Music’s global chairman Rob Stringer announced the departure of Mr Handlin in an internal email to staff at 10.28 am on Monday.

“I am writing to let you know that Denis Handlin will be leaving Sony Music Entertainment after more than 50 years with the company, effective immediately,” Mr Stringer wrote.

“It is time for a change in leadership and I will be making further announcements in terms of the new direction of our business in Australia and New Zealand in due course.”

Denis Handlin’s departure from Sony Music Australia will also trigger his exit from the ARIA board and bring to an end his longstanding reign as Chairman.

“Denis Handlin is on the ARIA board as a representative of Sony Music,” says an ARIA spokesperson. “As he no longer works at Sony Music, he can no longer be on the ARIA board.”

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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