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Snoop Dogg’s new favourite artist is screaming Jimmy Barnes

Zanda Wilson
Staff Writer
Snoop Dogg’s new favourite artist is screaming Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes is a national treasure, one of Australia’s most revered musicians, and now he can count legendary rapper Snoop Dogg among his fans.

Last year Barnsey finally, and perhaps inevitably, became a meme thanks to his feature on Kirin J Callinan‘s track ‘Big Enough’.

The song features Jimmy screaming at perfectly pitched levels, and the video clip saw him appearing in the sky wearing a variety of different cowboy outfits.

Reposting a short snippet of the clip to Instagram, Snoop wrote “my new artist I found at Coachella,” exposing his almost 23 million followers to Barnsey, most likely for the first time.

My new artist I found at Coachella

A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Barnsey’s feature on the track had previously been slammed by Jimmy Kimmel who featured the song on The Tonight Show‘s ‘Do Not Play list.

At the time, Jimmy responded “Tell Jimmy if he’s not careful we will move next door to him.”

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