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News July 6, 2021

Slow Clap launches Creative Connector Portal: Exclusive

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Slow Clap launches Creative Connector Portal: Exclusive

Slow Clap earns a round of applause with the launch of a digital hub connecting the creative community with clients.

Unveiled today (June 6), the music promo and management firm’s Slow Clap Creative Connector Portal is a facilitator for businesses who need music and creative works for upcoming campaigns, and the artists who create them.

The portal is the brainchild of Slow Clap founder and director Cara Williams.

Based in Melbourne, Williams spotted a opportunity when many of her creative friends who weren’t eligible for JobKeeper struggled to source new work and earn an income.

She stepped in and connected the dots.

“During lockdown last year, I received an influx of PR inquiries from artists who’d spent their downtime writing and recording new music but hadn’t taken the next vital step in engaging creatives to work on their campaign assets,” she explains.

Most didn’t know anyone to work with or were “totally unaware of the type of content they needed for the next stage of their release,” Williams continues.

Cara Williams

The creative sector clearly needed some support, she reflects. “I realised the music industry didn’t have a dedicated one-stop shop for artists to source all freelancers needed for their campaigns. So I got to work developing it.”

The Slow Clap Creative Connector Portal is funded through the Creative Victoria Music Industry Recovery Program grant in early 2021.

Williams, former studio manager at Mushroom Creative House, launched Slow Clap in 2019. In the years since, the company has managed campaigns for Cable Ties, Private Function, Local Natives, The Meanies and many more. 

On the new portal, Williams encourages locally-based freelancers and creative agencies to register for receive future assignments that “align with their portfolio and base rates.”

Once the project is submitted, Slow Clap aligns the user with the most appropriate creative for the job according to creative brief, budget and deadline, sourced from its pool of registered freelancers.

The client can nut-out budget, visual references, required deliverables, design specs and key deadlines, while creatives can get paid for their talents in graphic design, photography, videography, illustration, animation and audio-engineer services and more.

Since taking registrations in recent weeks, more than 130 have signed up.

Get started here.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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