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News May 29, 2023

SHOUSE Collect Billions Award for ‘Love Tonight’

Editorial Operations Manager
SHOUSE Collect Billions Award for ‘Love Tonight’
Credit: rcstills

SHOUSE have surpassed one billion streams for their hit “Love Tonight”.

APRA AMCOS said the dancefloor anthem “played the long game” in getting to one billion streams.

Ant Celestino, head of A&R at ONELOVE, heard an early performance of the song in 2016. It was then recorded with a choir of local Melbourne friends and released in 2017 on ONELOVE’s imprint, Hell Beach.

The duo – made up of Jack Madin and Ed Service – stayed in their day jobs, while the track and its remixes found early underground success in European clubs.

In 2021, however, it re-entered the zeitgeist as it became one of the uplifting tracks to welcome people back to dancefloors across the world. This was further amplified by a package of new versions including remixes by David Guetta and Robin Schulz.

The duo said hearing the voices of their makeshift Melbourne choir resonate across crowds around the world will never get old.

“We’re thrilled and stunned that our little moment of collective joy here in our home has made an impact on so many. They always sing along. We hope that this song inspires people to sing and create music with friends, family and their community. Music is magic,” they said.

Dean Ormston, CEO of APRA AMCOS, added: “I love SHOUSE’s “Love Tonight”– and so does the whole world. The song was born into and given life through a creative community in Melbourne and subsequently resonated with a world in the midst of a pandemic – the many remixes hitting streaming, clubs and radio, and connecting fans around the world.

“Congratulations to Ed, Jack and the ONELOVE team for their vision and belief in the song. APRA AMCOS is proud to support their work and to acknowledge the incredible success and love for “Love Tonight” that has come from all corners of the globe.”

The 1,000,000,000 List takes into account streaming numbers from major services Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. It is the first award of its kind to recognise a songwriter’s achievement.

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