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News September 27, 2021

Shane Billings launches Rage More Records & signs IndyAnna Baby

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Shane Billings launches Rage More Records & signs IndyAnna Baby

Pictured: Shane Billings

Shane Billings has launched an independent record label and management company known as Rage More Records.

Billings said Rage More is a music company dedicated to discovering artists and supporting them achieve their artistic vision.

The first artist off the blocks from the new company is Maddy Breen, who performs as IndyAnna Baby.

IndyAnna Baby’s debut track ‘I’m Not Giving Up’ was co-written by Amy Shark and co-produced by Shark and Japanese Wallpaper. Shark also features on the track.

IndyAnna Baby, who was born in the UK but now lives on the Gold Coast, said they are thrilled with both the signing and the song.

“My whole life, music has been my identity and I’m really thrilled to have joined the Rage More family,” they said.

“Having Amy Shark feature on ‘I’m Not Giving Up’ is surreal; vocally, she’s the perfect fit and I feel very grateful and lucky that an artist of her calibre believes in this song just as much as I do.”

The song comes out via Rage More Records on Wednesday, September 29.

Billings is married to Shark and also acts as her manager.

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