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News December 18, 2018

Scott Baker-Smith’s four Aussie artists to watch in 2019

Scott Baker-Smith’s four Aussie artists to watch in 2019

Nova’s head of music Scott Baker-Smith names four local acts that are priming for a big 2019.


By no means new to the scene, but I feel that Wafia is simply making better and better pop songs.

Excited to see what comes next after ‘I’m Good’ in 2019. 


Someone I think everyone can love – a great debut single – but we also can hate him as he wrote ‘Waiting’ when he was 14! An awesome start to what will hopefully be a hit-laden career.

Fergus James

When you have Justin Timberlake floored by your original songs, then you support Ed Sheeran on his tour, I think you are going to do better than just alright!

Take note of other performers here, as there are some other special people I’m sure we’ll hear on the radio in the future. 

Dean Lewis / Gang Of Youths / Flume / Vera Blue / Odette / Anything written by Sarah Aarons

Equal fourth local acts I’m purely excited about new stuff coming in 2019 – as I can’t list just four!


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