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News June 12, 2018

Rock’n’Grohl: Dave and Mum work on TV series

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Rock’n’Grohl: Dave and Mum work on TV series

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl and his mom Virginia Hanlon Grohl are working on a new TV documentary series based on, and titled after, her 2017 book From Cradle to Stage.

The book interviewed the mothers of famous musicians as Tom Morello, Adam Levine, Pharrell and Rush’s Geddy Lee.

The mothers will guest the TV series, to be executive produced by the Grohls.

“I’m beyond excited to join in on the next step of my mother’s project to explore the stories of other musicians who were as fortunate as me, having been raised by such amazing women,” the Foo Fighter said.

“Plus… I owe her one.”

Virginia Grohl said the backgrounds of the mothers “vary greatly, but they have so much in common.

“Viewers will join all the mothers around a table when they meet for the first time at a celebratory dinner, where secrets and stories will be shared and compared.”

These include Sandi Clark, who learned the music business from a book and launched her son Gary Clark Jr.‘s career.

Mary Weinrib gave up her own plans to pursue education so Geddy Lee could thrive with Rush.

Virginia also noted that Janis Winehouse, “who recognised her daughter [Amy]’s extreme talent, but was helpless to control the demons that brought that brilliant career to a tragic end.”

The series will be the first TV production under Live Nation Productions. The network has not been released.

“We are proud to help artists share their stories in the most authentic way possible,” said Heather Parry, president of production, a Foo Fighters fan since her days at MTV.

“Virginia’s book aligns perfectly with that vision, highlighting an array of incredibly strong women, sharing true and unique perspectives of the mothers who raised some of our most celebrated rock stars.”

Dave certainly must be expecting some embarrassing revelations from mum.

Last year to publicise the book, they appeared on American live TV show Colbert – and she revealed his middle school report card.

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