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News July 22, 2021

ROCK THE VAX offering free music to Australians who get the COVID jab

ROCK THE VAX offering free music to Australians who get the COVID jab

In a world-first, Golden Robot Records have launched ROCK THE VAX, an initiative to encourage music lovers of Australia to get vaccinated in exchange for a free album on vinyl or CD from their back catalogue.

From July 15 until August 15, Australians are encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccination and email with their digital certificate from the medicare app, along with their GRR album request and postal address.

With ROCK THE VAX already receiving 500 submissions in the first day alone, it seems that Aussies are keen to keep themselves safe amid the pandemic and nab some free music while they’re at it.

“As the owner of a record label and a dedicated music lover, I just can’t sit back and watch a country I love have one of the lowest vax rates in the world,” said Mark Alexander-Erber, President and Founder of Golden Robot Global Entertainment.

He continued: “The music industry has suffered terribly since the start of this pandemic, as many bands rely on touring for the majority of their income. COVID-19 caused touring to come to a grinding halt and vaccination seems to be the only way to bring normality back to touring and our lives.

“Bands need to tour to promote albums and album sales can be elevated by touring.”

With Golden Robot Records boasting a back catalogue that has everything from rock titles to country, to punk, to alternative, there’s something for every music lover.

The catalogue includes artists like Rose Tattoo, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), LA Guns, Jefferson Starship, Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Horsehead, The Cherry Dolls, The Lockhearts, Steve Kilbey, David Campbell, MiSex, Toe to Toe, Groom Epoch, Kilby Kennedy, A New Revenge, Destinia, Hayley Jensen, Palace of the King, Reece Mastin, and many more.

“We did so well as a Nation to beat this horrid virus that affected so many in the community,” Alexander-Erber continued.

“But right now, we have to double and triple our vaccination efforts, so we can eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) gain a sense of normality in our lives and not let it creep back into our community and cause ongoing lockdowns and inflict further pain and hardship.

“This latest Sydney lockdown for me was enough, I feel the need to act, as beating this virus is the most important thing right now and as an Australian company working on a global scale, I can see what is happening internationally and I believe people understand they need to get fully vaccinated eventually, but may just need an extra incentive to do it right now.

“There is no more time to waste, we need to avoid the risk of further lockdowns by getting vaccinated now!”

The Rock the Vax initiative is open now until August 15. Head here for more info and to view the Golden Robot catalogue.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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