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News November 1, 2017

The ‘most rare’ Beatles album can actually be yours for $200,000

Bianca Davino
The ‘most rare’ Beatles album can actually be yours for $200,000

If there’s one thing die-hard fans of The Beatles love more than afternoon tea and cheering for Liverpool FC (probably), it’s collecting rare memorabilia that showcases their dedication to the legendary band.

Now, for a cool $200,000 you can own a copy of the ‘most rare’ Beatles album, once owned by John Lennon himself.

‘Yesterday and Today’ features an iconic snap of the mop haired legends dressed as butchers (teen hearts squirmed for this back in the day), with hand drawing from John scrawled across the inner booklet to top things off.

Gary Shrum, the director of music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions, told the Daily Mail:

“This piece is rare because one it’s the butcher cover that was withdrawn and never sold on the market after the second day. It’s John Lennon’s personal copy, it’s a prototype that had a blank back, which John did artwork on the back of.”

If you’ve got the dosh, go for it. Mortgage your house, sell your car, do it for John. So, if you’re keen, head on over to Just Collecting to cop yourself the piece of music history.

In other Beatles related news, watch Dave Grohl and his mates rip through a cover of Come Together here.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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