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QUIZ: How many facts do you know about iTunes?

QUIZ: How many facts do you know about iTunes?

Beginning back in 2001, iTunes was around for nearly 20 years before retirement. How many facts do you know about Apple’s iconic media player?

iTunes was a godsend for many music fans. From offering an easy-to-operate system, to having a built in download store on hand for even more music accessibility, the media player has stood out as a machine for all music lovers.

iTunes was announced at the beginning of 2001, where creators focused on creating an in-depth interface where users could have a functioning, digital music library. Once available in 2003 for download across both Microsoft and Apple computers, it quickly rose as one of the most user-friendly interfaces.

With endless options for categorisation within the program, music fans flocked to download. From a time where other options included the clunky interface of Windows Media Player, many listeners were excited to be able to further organise and collect music through another platform.

Combined with the iTunes Store, the media player set out to be a front-runner in terms of all things music. Users could easily purchase and download new music all from the comfort of their own home. Then, in 2005, the program expanded to include podcasts, e-books, and mobile applications.

Even though iTunes has now been retired, it still plays an important roll in the lives of music listeners and collectors today with it being sliced into the different categories of Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV. By offering a comprehensive way to completely organise digital media, iTunes has been able to be a staple in music lovers lives.

Although you may know how to use iTunes, do you know many facts about the history of the media player? Perhaps you know how many songs were originally released in the store, or what its 10 millionth song sold was? Test your knowledge of it below!

How many facts do you know about iTunes?

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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