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News October 27, 2015

Q&A: Buried In Verona’s Richie Newman launches production studio

Buried In Verona songwriter and guitarist Richie Newman has partnered with ARIA-nominated producer Greg Stace to launch their very own production studio.

Looking to influence the state of metal, hardcore and hard rock production in Australia, the duo are set to kick things off with a collaborative project, Buried In Verona’s first Australian-made studio album in four years.

The band’s latest single, I Am Hate, was co-produced by the pair and with their Oxygen Music studio’s 56 channel SSL E/G series console, Newman and Stace are intent on finding and nurturing new metal acts.

Speaking exclusively to TMN, Newman provided further insight into what motivated his move into production and how he intends to influence the metal scene.

What prompted the move into production?
My whole life I have wanted to be involved with making art, from writing music, playing in bands, touring, recording, production you name it! Ever since I could remember I have always loved music so I thought it would be perfect for me to venture off down the road of producing/songwriting. My role as a touring musician stays the same but now I have the chance to do both!

How would you describe the current state of metal, hardcore and hard rock production in Australia?
The Metal/Hardcore/Hard Rock scene in Australia is still going strong. It seems to come in cycles, it gets really busy for a period of time then dies out a bit then comes back just like any trend I guess. Unfortunately the “heavy” scene will always be a minorities’ minority, it’s never going to be mainstream and I think we all like it that way. It’s what makes the culture we are in beautiful!

How do you intend to influence the scene?
I want to give artists the chance to be themselves and let their musical colours fly through originality, the only way to achieve something really amazing is to be yourself and don’t do what the band next to you is doing, that in itself could influence a lot in this scene, It’s all about stepping outside the box with your songwriting and message, I’m so excited to see where the hell the new generation of young songwriters take us!

My job is to guide people down their own path and unlock the magic that is inside each and every one of us! And that being said I guess originality will influence us all.


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