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News April 30, 2018

Introducing Prysim: A live music sector management tool – exclusive

Introducing Prysim: A live music sector management tool – exclusive

New music industry management tool Prysim has been unveiled today to connects artists and venues in one end-to-end system, TIO can exclusively reveal.

Founded by Maroochydore artist manager and former gigging musician Taran Croxton, Prysim hopes to reduce the amount of time it currently takes to book, organise and manage a gig.

How does it work?

Venues create a profile on the Prysim platform and fill in their gig opportunity calendar, linking in with their booking agent (if they use one).

The artist can then search for available gigs and apply by utilising their profile as an Electronic Press Kit by linking in social profiles, press pics, YouTube videos etc.

In a move that’s ideal for booking agents, Prysim allows for multiple artists or venues to be run from the same account.

prysim-mark-crotti desktop view

Prysim is available as an online web app (it’s also mobile friendly)

Taran Croxton said Prysim was born from his frustration with the booking sector

“Emails increased efficiency for a long time, but a popular venue or agent could get many emails a week that they need to sift through. All taking hours of manual work, clicking links, assessing and then offering and adjusting dates.

“My key passion and a major part of my reasoning behind Prysim is to see more regional gigs played by city bands and see regional bands have access to more city gigs and contacts.”

taran croxton of prysim holding guitar

Taran Croxton, founder of Prysim

Prysim has partnered with Sunshine Coast artist development, management and venue/artist booking agent Mute Music Management for the release, and has a number of venues, artists and booking agents on board to test the system.

Misha Prior of Mute Music Management said: “This [Prysim] is such a well thought out tool and I believe it will add true value to the industry.”

“To date the conversations have been really positive,” said Croxton. “Artists love the idea of spending less time managing and more time gigging. Many venues that I have engaged really enjoy the idea of being able to reduce the hours spent on sifting through emails and clicking links.”

Prysim has moved swiftly since its initial showcasing at BIGSOUND in Brisbane last September. Croxton recently hired a Community Engagement Manager and the platform has been accepted into Australia’s first Creative Start-Up Accelerator, Collider.

“We have many grand plans to implement over the coming months to make the artist assessment even easier for venues,” said Croxton. “One of the best things about being a start-up is the ability to rapidly test and implement new ideas.”

“We are very excited about how Prysim will support many facets of the industry,” he added. “Prysim is connecting the industry, so you can manage less and gig more. We are looking forward to involving active users in our first release to test the system and provide valuable feedback.”

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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