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News October 27, 2015

Police withdraw charge against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd

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The charge brought against AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd for attempting to procure a murder has been dropped.

Sun Live broke the news, reporting Rudd’s lawyer, Paul Mabey, QC and the Crown Solicitor’s office both confirmed the news this afternoon. The charge was withdrawn due to insufficient evidence.

“The decision to charge Mr Rudd was made by the New Zealand Police without consultation with the Tauranga Crown Solicitor,” Mabey said in a quote published by Sydney Morning Herald. “The charge alleging an attempt to procure murder should never have been laid.”

Rudd still has three charges laid against him; he will defend the threatening to kill charge and the two drugs offences, which Mabey has described as “minor”.

Rudd appeared before a New Zealand court yesterday afternoon, following a raid on his home. The 60-year-old was charged with attempting to procure a murder between September 25 and September 26, threatening to kill and possession on methamphetamine and cannabis. It had been reported he hired a ‘hitman’ to have two men killed.

“The damage to Mr Rudd is incalculable,” Mabey said in a quote published by Sun Live. “Questions arise as to the degree of care taken by those responsible for arresting and charging him with attempting to procure murder.”

Rudd is due back in court on November 27.



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