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News January 24, 2019

Joshua Merriel (Greyscale Records & triple j’s Short.Fast.Loud.) launches new podcast [Exclusive]

Joshua Merriel (Greyscale Records & triple j’s Short.Fast.Loud.) launches new podcast [Exclusive]

Some may know him as the presenter behind Australia’s most loved punk and hardcore show, triple j’s Others may know him as the founder of Greyscale Records, which includes Alpha Wolf, Stuck Out and Antagonist A.D on the roster.

Joshua Merriel is undoubtedly known as an advocate for local heavy and alternative music, and a tastemaker for counterculture. And now, he’s harnessing those talents with brand new podcast ‘My Mixtape With Joshua Redbeard’.

My Mixtape, TIO can exclusively reveal, is a fortnightly music based podcast where Joshua invites guests from across the creative spectrum (musicians, actors, comedians, artists, writers, personalities) to create a Mixtape of their lives, songs that shaped the people they are today.

Joshua chats through the playlist with his guests to find out the personal meaning behind the music.

my mixtape podcast

“The idea for My Mixtape grew out of my own childhood mix CDs,” said Joshua. “Going back through the multitude of CDs I have made over the years, I can always remember where I was when I made them, what was going on in my life, who shared these songs with me, and the emotions attached to them.

“Music truly is a universal language for everyone, and that lead to me wanting to hear everyone else’s stories, everyone else’s Mixtapes, everyone else’s expression of what music means to them, thus this podcast was born.”

The very first episode is with Ben Ellingworth, the full time drummer for Australian hip hop artist Illy. Ben has also worked with artists like Peking Duk, Carmada, LO!, MM9, and Switchkicker.

Stream the first ‘My Mixtape’ podcast with Ben Ellingworth HERE.

Ben-Ellingworth drummer

Ben Ellingworth

“My intention is to run the absolute gamut of genres both for guests and for the Mixtapes themselves, in the pitch I send to artists I specifically say there are no rules, if people want to make me a mixtape of their favourite songs from musicals, I’m down. Let’s go with it,” says Joshua.

He adds, “Of the episodes I’ve done so far, a few have taken it in some interesting directions and have made for some of the best episodes to date. My goal list is very long, and there are some REALLY impossible names on there, but I’m going to keep going and just see where this takes me.”

Stream Ben Ellingworth’s Mixtape below:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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