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News September 15, 2021

Former SXSW rep Phil Tripp charged in cat cruelty case

Former SXSW rep Phil Tripp charged in cat cruelty case

Content warning: this article about Phil Tripp references animal abuse.

Music industry veteran Phil Tripp, who worked as a representative for SXSW for 17 years, has been indicted in an animal cruelty case.

Tripp was charged with animal cruelty and cause of death of an animal at Coffs Harbour Local Court last month.

The charges stem from a photo Tripp shared on social media in July, that depicted a cat in a metal cage that he allegedly drowned in a garbage bin.

Former SXSW rep Phil Tripp charged in cat cruelty case

“Police were notified about a social media post relating to the drowning of a stray cat in a garbage bin,” a NSW Police spokesperson said. “Officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District commenced an investigation into the matter.”

Authorities were alerted to the photos and on Thursday, July 22nd, they arrested Tripp at his King Street Home. He was released on conditional bail, and the matter was heard in court the following Monday where he plead guilty.

A petition alleges that the cat drowned by Tripp was not a stray, but a pet named Mango. “This cat was not feral but a pet. It was trusting and affectionate towards its’ abuser before he trapped, tortured and drowned it,” the petition claims.

Following his arrest, Tripp told the Advocate that he felt “contrition, shame and guilt” over the incident.

“The matter will be decided in court and I do not plan to contest the charge nor exact any expense from the justice system,” he said. “I have liaised with the RSPCA and made an extensive statement to the police who treated me fairly and with care in charging me.

“I should ‘man up’, own this and face the music.”

Tripp, 70, worked as a representative with Austin Texas conference juggernaut SXSW for 17 years. He announced his resignation from the role in July 2019.

He began work as a rep for SXSW in 2002, when just five bands from Australasia were successful in showcasing their work at the five-day music event.

TIO reached out to Phil Tripp, who declined to comment.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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