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News June 11, 2021

Phil Burton steps back from Human Nature’s Las Vegas residency

Phil Burton steps back from Human Nature’s Las Vegas residency

Phil Burton, one-quarter of celebrated Australian vocal group Human Nature, has announced he will no longer participate in the group’s international residencies.

In an interview with Stellar, Burton revealed that he made the decision ahead of their return to Las Vegas for another residency next year, with the 47-year-old instead opting to stay in Sydney with his family.

While the longtime vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist with the group had told his bandmates of his desires to move home prior to 2020, Burton did cite the pandemic as being one of the contributing factors in his decision.

“COVID put things in stark reality – where do you want to be?” Burton told Stellar.

“Where do you feel at home? And Australia is where we felt the most safe as a family.”

Although Burton confirmed that he wouldn’t return to Las Vegas with his bandmates next year, he noted that he’d still be jump on board when the group opts to return to Australia.

“Las Vegas was a fantastic experience but it was time to come home. It was a hard decision. I hope the guys do really well with a new show,” Burton said to Stellar.

“As far as Australia goes, when there are opportunities to play, they’ll fly here and I’ll jump back on board, and it will be the four of us as always.”

Human Nature’s award-winning Vegas residency Human Nature Sings Mowtown & More, which saw the group perform over 2,000 concerts across 11 years, came to an end in June of last year, with the band initially citing COVID-19 as the reason for ending the record-breaking run.

Human Nature’s management has been contacted for further comment.


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