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News May 7, 2018

Perth Fringe World takes legal action on independent promoter over unpaid artists

Perth Fringe World takes legal action on independent promoter over unpaid artists
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Perth Fringe World has taken legal action against independent promoter JumpClimb Pty Ltd, which staged shows under the festival’s banner, and then collapsed leaving artists and contractors unpaid to the tune of an estimated $200,000.

Fringe World is moving to put JumpClimb in administration to try and claw back the $200,000.

According to festival CEO Marcus Canning, JumpClimb was paid in March for sales for its shows in various venues through the Fringe World ticketing system.

But none of the money seems to have been used to pay artists and contractors, who signed contracts directly with JumpClimb than the Fringe.

JumpClimb directors Aaron Rutter and Paul Fletcher had earlier posted a statement that JumpClub was “no longer viable or responsible we continue to operate”.

It operated eight venues under the banner of The Palace Society.

It attributed its financial woes to “a downturn in ticket sales on recent projects, debtors going into receivership and the general economic slow-down.”

It had added, “We will be reaching out and communicating to all artists and suppliers affected by our situation in the coming days with the intent of finding solutions.”

It is negotiating with other associations to take over events as Aviary Rooftop Sessions, Perth Comedy Festival and the Noodle Palace, while BeauVine Food & Wine Festival has found a new owner.

Canning said that booking fees about $65,000, from its ticket sales, would be used to financially assist the artists.

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) equity director, Zoe Angus, said MEAA will work with the voluntary administrator to ensure their members are paid, investigate if outstanding payments can be recovered under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee safety net law, and work with members to help those in hardship.

Members can contact WA regional Director Tiffany Venning for further information:

Angus, added, “MEAA will be ensuring Fringe World and JumpClimb take every measure possible to remedy the situation and ensure it never happens again.”

Canning stated, “Fringe World is committed to reviewing the policy and procedures by which its artists are paid box office income with an aim to better protect artists working with independent companies.”

Adelaide magician Matt Tarrant, who is owed $30,000, has had a reprieve of sorts, due mostly to his own generosity to the Adelaide Fringe, The Advertiser reported.

In the past, Tarrant has donated $5000 worth of his time to mentor young performers on behalf of the Adelaide Fringe, and also put up $2000 of his own money to establish a fund to issue grants to young performers.

As a result Adelaide Fringe has offered to pay him the $5000 for his mentorship, while its main sponsor BankSA will pre-purchase $5000 worth of tickets to Tarrant’s 2019 shows at the Adelaide Fringe.

Affected Perth Fringe artists are urged to email

Fringe World, has in seven years become the third largest fringe festival after Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe.

This year it drew 800,000 to ticketed and non-ticketed 750 events. in almost 130 venues across the city.

The ticketed shows shifted 360,000 stubs, with a box office draw of almost $10 million.


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