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News July 20, 2017

NSW Government moves to outlaw ticket bots

NSW Government moves to outlaw ticket bots
Fair Trading Minister Matt Kean has vowed to halt the use of technology in ticket scalping, outlining plans to ban the use of automated bots to buy large quantities of tickets, to resell at inflated prices.

In a speech to department staff at Parramatta earlier this week, Kean was firm on his stance: “We need to address these problems because it is fair, because consumers should be safe, and because consumers should not be taken advantage of.

“Profit gougers using computers to buy tickets to concerts or grand-finals, ahead of ordinary fans — and then putting those same tickets online the same day, with a massive mark-up — undermines the public’s confidence that consumers are being put first.”

Kean also spoke to Channel 7 about the NSW Government’s plans, which can be watched below.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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