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News March 11, 2022

Nova declares ‘live music is back’ as it revives its Red Room gigs

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Nova declares ‘live music is back’ as it revives its Red Room gigs

Nova’s Red Room made a come back this week, with the radio brand saying people shouldn’t underestimate the role that live music plays in people’s lives. 

Singer-songwriter Vera Blue took to the stage in Melbourne at Federation Square’s The Edge in the first live Red Room of 2022.

NOVA Entertainment’s music marketing and partnerships director, Irene Hulme, said the group was hoping to bring back live events sooner, but they had to overcome a number of additional logistical challenges as well as ensure audiences felt safe and comfortable.

“We’re dealing with an entirely new era,” Hulme told TIO. 

“We have always had event safety plans for all our live events, but now we have far more detailed COVID-Safe plans to ensure everyone enjoys the events safely and we comply with the Government regulations.

“Our planning process was very detailed but also fluid, with changes to some of the decisions made as we worked with the changes as restrictions were lifted. Our priority was to ensure that everyone attending or involved with the event can safely let go and have an incredible live music experience and go home with a great memory.”

Hulme noted that Nova’s listeners are passionate about music, so the absence of live gigs for two years had spurred them to crave it even more.

“The feeling of being captivated by a live performance is hard to beat, the demand for tickets is massive, there’s definitely a buzz in the air with the return of live tours and Nova’s Red Rooms,” she added.

“The experience for fans is unbeatable. Nova’s Red Room allows them to connect more intimately with their favourite artists. The interactive moments between the fans and the artist are so powerful. The artists genuinely love performing in Nova’s Red Room and are completely invested, so they deliver an incredible show.”

Beyond just the fans, Hulme said Nova’s Red Room is well regarded globally within the music industry, and is a key marketing platform for artists.

This is helped along, she said, by the unique venues secured for the performances, as well as the enduring aesthetic of the brand itself.

“The aesthetic of the brand, it’s simple but it’s so powerful. You walk into a Nova’s Red Room and it’s a consistent experience and you are immediately mesmerised.”

Hulme said ideally the gigs will get back to the pre-pandemic era, opening up the experience to more performers, fans and brands.

“We are looking forward to an incredible year ahead for live music,” she added.

Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment’s chief programming and music content officer, said he’s delighted Nova’s Red Room has made a return.

“It’s been a tough couple of years and you can’t underestimate the important role that music plays in our lives and the special moments that are created while watching artists do what they do best – perform on a live stage in front of their fans,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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