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News December 6, 2019

Nightlife Music names ‘Gangnam Style’ decade’s top music video

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Nightlife Music names ‘Gangnam Style’ decade’s top music video

South Korean artist PSY has taken out Nightlife Music’s list of the Top 100 music video of the decade.

His clip ‘Gangnam Style’ was named at #1 by Nightlife head of music and content programmer Nick Jones, who led the ‘Top 100 of the last 10 years’ project

“It was very, very difficult as everyone had their own views but that’s the fun thing about these collections, you can argue whether they should be higher or lower, but our music team unanimously agreed on number one,’ he said.

“The video is more famous than the song itself and the artist PSY was unknown in the west prior to the release of Gangnam Style – it gave him worldwide recognition.

“Not only did it cross over into the mainstream, it became viral. It was the first YouTube video to reach a billion views and people made countless parody videos of it.”

The clip currently has over 3.4 billion views.

The Top 100 was created based on the uniqueness of music videos, technological achievement within them, whether they went viral or created cultural discussion.

PSY was chosen ahead of memorable videos by Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Sia, Gotye, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

“Arguably the most controversial is Famous by Kanye West, featuring wax replicas of high- profile celebrities laying naked in bed together,” Nick said.

“It proves music videos are still a massive marketing tool for musicians.”

YouTube’s Top 2019 Clips

YouTube has also released its lists of the top trending videos of 2019 as part of #YouTubeRewind.

The top trending music video in Australia was ‘bad guy’ by breakout star Billie Eilish, followed by videos by Sam Smith & Normani (‘Dancing With A Stranger’) and Ariana Grande (‘7 rings’).

Tones And I came in at #5 on the list with her viral hit ‘Dance Monkey’, but landed at #1 on YouTube’s Top Trending Videos from Aussie Artists.

It was one of two entries for the rising Aussie, who also came in at #4 with ‘Johnny Run Away’. Meantime, controversial Sydney drill outfit ONEFOUR landed two videos in the top 5 (‘Spot The Difference’ at #2 and ‘The Message’ at #3).

Guy Sebastian’s ‘Choir’ rounded out the Top 50.

More #YouTubeRewind stats are available here.

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