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Features June 5, 2018

New Adelaide music TV show Jam LIVE is “designed to get people excited about live music”

New Adelaide music TV show Jam LIVE is “designed to get people excited about live music”

The news that Channel 9 in Adelaide is to launch a new live music show Jam LIVE at 4:30pm ACST on Saturday, June 23 has generated a healthy debate on the state of music television in Australia.

Is there an audience for it, and is it a format that’s long overdue?

The first season of weekly half-hour episodes features Regurgitator, Tired Lion, West Thebarton, San Cisco, Dean Lewis, Josh Cashman, Boo Seeka and more performing at festivals and gigs.

It will be broadcast on TV via Channel 9 Adelaide and accessed by the rest of the country on demand at

The show’s producer and presenter, Shanelle Franklin – whose background is radio presenting at Fresh 92.7 and SAFM (now Hit 107) – is confident that it’s a format that will have traction.

What’s the concept of Jam LIVE, and how it will differ from other televised music shows?

Jam LIVE is recorded live and guarantees you a front row seat at the most exclusive gigs, music festivals and concert locations from around Adelaide and South Australia.

“You know the feeling you get when you’ve made a discovery with a new band or artist? It literally stops you in your tracks; it’s an overwhelming sense of pride that you’ve uncovered this new sound, accompanied by a desire to know more!

“This feeling is precisely what Jam LIVE aims to do; it will capture the experience for you and introduce you to artists and bands that are dominating their craft.

“We are nurturing some serious talent here in South Australia, not to mention the artists that tour the state. It’s vastly important that we encourage people to support live music and make it a part of their regular social gatherings.

“We are here to bring you the live performance, which is something completely different to what is currently on TV.”

How did you manage to get Channel 9 on board?

“I created the concept for the show and arranged a meeting with Channel 9 Adelaide.

“After lots of planning and tweaking to get the episode structure right, we have a product that both Channel 9 Adelaide and the Jam LIVE production team are proud of.”

How is the show being funded, and how will it be promoted?

“The show has been funded purely by sponsors and it started with a lot of door knocking.

“It was very hard to sell an idea of something rather than an established product, however, the [following] brands have all come together to support the Jam LIVE concept.

“They are Nexstage, SAE Creative Media the South Australian Government through Arts SA Brand SA, Adelaide Independent Taxi, Sip n Save, Brand SA, Music SA, Channel 9 Adelaide, Orbe North Adelaide Converse and General Pants.”

How have you chosen the artists?

“They are a mixture of local artists and touring artists from around the country, who are currently dominating their craft.

“They need to be active within the music industry and currently producing [their own] music. 

“You don’t need to be an artist or band with a huge social media following; we are looking for hardworking artists who are putting out some really good music from a mixture of genres.

Who is your target audience, and how is this reflected in the artist curation?

“The target audience is quite varied. But if I want to be specific I would say 18-40.

“The show will appeal to anyone who is interested in discovering new artists. As I said, there will be a mix of genres, which is why the Jam LIVE audience won’t necessarily stick within this age bracket.”

Do you feel this show will fill a gap in the market not currently met by other commercial live music shows?

“Yes, it will, purely because the concept of it being a live music TV show is currently not being featured in the marketplace.

“We will not be showing video clips. It is designed to get people excited about live music and back into supporting the local artists, the touring artists and of course the venues and festivals who put these artists on.”

Why do you think that a live music show such as Jam LIVE hasn’t previously been created, despite the gap in the market?

“No idea, however, I feel there was an opportunity to bring another music promotional element to television for people to connect with music.

“There is something very unique and special about seeing an artist or a band perform live! It really is where all the magic happens and is something that you can feel as well as see.”

Do you feel Jam LIVE will fill the void left by shows such as Countdown?

“Yes I really hope so! However, we will be a different kind of show!

Countdown and Recovery were amazing shows in their time. Their aim was to introduce their audience to new music.

“We aim to do exactly that, however, we will be going to the performances and acting as a fly on the wall.

“There will still be artist interviews and lots of band promotion, but we are trying to create something new to fit into what audience members are wanting from TV shows today.”


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