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News October 15, 2020

British India’s Matt O’Gorman fronts new music industry podcast

British India’s Matt O’Gorman fronts new music industry podcast

How to help emerging musician and executive talent cut through the industry noise, gain tools and tips, and get much-needed visibility?

Music-tech startup Muso has launched a music-industry focused podcast to do just that.

The Muso Podcast is hosted by Triple M and British India’s Matt O’Gorman.

Muso surveyed 200 artists on its platform and found that 94% of respondents needed support for their careers outside of making music.

Follow-up interviews found the industry was perceived as “inaccessible” for newcomers.

“We realised that up-and-coming musicians felt overwhelmed when faced with the pressures of entering the industry,” Muso co-founder and COO Alan Jin said.

“Most had almost no idea how to approach it and even worse, most were intimidated by the prospect of it. They knew how to make music, they were just unsure what to do next.”

Jin also said most industry players are happy to spread knowledge and wisdom to newcomers.

The podcast’s format is casual and informative conversations with admired industry pros about their successes, failures and the best pieces of advice they’ve got to share.

Before recording, questions are submitted to them via Muso community group Muso Side Stage.

The first five episodes include Jaddan Comerford (CEO, Unified Music Group), Lauren Mikkor (founder, Post Modern Collective, manager, Running Touch), Patrick Donovan (outgoing CEO, Music Victoria), Pixie Weyand (owner, Brisbane music venue The Zoo) and Fil Palmero and Mike Christidis (directors, Untitled Group).

Listen to the podcast on Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts from.


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