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News September 5, 2017

Music Tech Summit: Could A.I. create the next hit song?

Music Tech Summit: Could A.I. create the next hit song?

Musical creation is at once a deeply personal and mystical thing, and a technical skill able to be mapped and charted, programmed and predicted.

It’s these opposing forces that makes the question of whether A.I. could conceivably create a hit single — let alone craft truly moving and beautiful music — such a contentious one. We don’t like to think of it as being possible, because it is basically humans being emotionally manipulated by robots. Then what’s next? Then what’s nexxxt?

But I digress. ‘Could A.I. create the next hit song?’ will be the topic of discussion at the next Music Tech Summit, which is happening in Sydney, on September 19.

Stephen Phillips, founder of artificial intelligence music startup Popgun, (and founder of WeAreHunted, which sold to Twitter) will explain how they aim to train machines to create music.

Bob Moczydlowsky, who runs the Techstars Music startup accelerator program in L.A., talks about building music tech companies. Bob was Head of Music at Twitter.

The Industry Observer are presenting this talk, as exclusive media partners, and there is only a capacity of 120 people – so if you wish to attend book your free tickets here.

Music Tech Summit, by the way, “explores how technology is shaping the future of the music industry. We bring together a wide range of industry people including record labels, promoters, festivals, management, media, tech companies, startup founders and investors.” It’s the future.

All the info for the event is below.


This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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