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News October 6, 2017

Music Tech Summit 2017: Watch Stephen Phillips and Bob Moz’s presentation

Music Tech Summit 2017: Watch Stephen Phillips and Bob Moz’s presentation

What do you get when you put two leaders in the music tech space in front of a 120-strong music industry audience and get them to tackle the question: ‘Could A.I. create the next hit song?’

Scroll down to watch TIO‘s footage below of last month’s Music Tech Summit in Sydney and find out.

Created by Audience Republic, and presented by TIO, the Summit featured Stephen Phillips, founder of artificial intelligence music startup Popgun, (and founder of WeAreHunted, which sold to Twitter) and Bob Moczydlowsky, who runs the Techstars Music startup accelerator program in L.A.

The pair tackled one of the hottest topics considered and adopted in the industry today, artificial intelligence.

Phillips showed the audience how his team has trained machines to create music, and how he’s collaborating with the music industry to create an artist resource, not a replacement.

Meanwhile, Moczydlowsky discussed how Techstars helped raise over US$3.8 billion for its associated companies, collectively, giving them the leg-up they need to thrive in such a fast-moving space.

Partly funded by Sony and Warner Music, the program helps companies shape their strategy, licensing, business development and fundraising. The 90-day program sees each startup receive $120k in fundraising and office space in Los Angeles for its duration.

Watch footage from last month’s Music Tech Summit below

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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