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News August 24, 2021

Moodagent spotlights songwriting process in content series to drive sign-ups

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Moodagent spotlights songwriting process in content series to drive sign-ups

Streaming service Moodagent is ramping up its local marketing and content efforts, with a new series spotlighting local artists in partnership with Splendour in the Grass.

The push comes three months after the streaming service officially launched on our shores with the promise it would improve music discoverability, expose listeners to more music and connect artists to new fans.

The content series features both Spacey Jane and Gretta Ray off the back of their Splendour XR performances, talking about the different ways they approach songwriting.

Spacey Jane’s Caleb Harper tells viewers he writes about lived experiences, because he can tell those stories with 100% authenticity.

“Sometimes you want someone to really feel one thing,” he said about then putting the song out to consumers. “I mean, once the song’s out, it’s someone else’s little moment to have and interpret how they want.”

He said he wants people listening to the band’s music to really feel the connection.

“That’s probably the marker of good songwriting – to connect with someone you’ve never met and probably never will meet. I feel like the responsibility that we have is to be a band for everyone.”

Ashton Hardman-LeCornu, meanwhile, said he’s writing for his younger self.

“‘Love Me Like I Haven’t Changed’, with the riff in that, I know that 15-year-old me would have loved it,” he told the Moodagent Music Discover sessions. “I owed it to him. I was like ‘You get to do that now. You get to do that thing – that rock thing.’”

In a separate content piece, Gretta Ray, said it’s incredibly satisfying when she hears another artist nail a feeling or a moment that hadn’t previously been put into words.

These moments can stay with you, she said, as can unfinished songs of your own.

“I think that just goes to show how amazing music is in the sense that it really stays with you in an unconscious way.

“It’s kind of like when you get a good song idea and you might not necessarily address it right there and then.

“But if it’s really, really good, it could visit you months or years later and be like ‘Oh, that’s that idea that I had on the train or in that session’, and it’s come back and it needs to be written, because it’s good.”

Tom Mee, Moodagent’s local lead, has previously explained why he thinks the service will benefit the local market.

“It’s a unique streaming service with a proposition that tackles the challenge of music recommendations and discovery in a very personal and interactive way. With Australia having such a vibrant and diverse music culture Moodagent is perfectly suited to cater to the musical tastes of every fan, no matter what their mood,” he said.


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