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News February 23, 2021

Sync Watch: Mo’Ju recreates ‘I Feel Love’ for Bonds’ Pride campaign

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Sync Watch: Mo’Ju recreates ‘I Feel Love’ for Bonds’ Pride campaign

ARIA Award-nominated and LGBTQIA+ community member Mo’Ju has leant her talents to Bonds’ yearly Pride campaign.

For the campaign the artist has recreated Donna Summers’ iconic ‘I Feel Love’.

The campaign’s aim, the brand said, it to champion safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community, and celebrate the joy and spirit of Pride events.

The campaign features other prominent LGBTQIA+ Australians including AFLW star Moana Hope, model A.J. Clementine, soccer player Andy Brennan, and social media comedian Samantha Andrew.

The brand will also launch an interactive Instagram filter allowing users to dance to Mo’Ju’s ‘I Feel Love’ on their own virtual dance floor, sending a message of love to the community via the #BondsIFeelLove hashtag.

Bonds’ marketing manager, Kedda Ghazarian, explained the brand’s support for the community.

“At Bonds, we want all Australians to feel comfy expressing who they are, without fear of judgement or discrimination. We know true self-expression only exists when and where you feel safe, celebrated and loved.”

The brand is also partnering with Minus18, which champions LGBTQIA+ youths. The partnership helps fund peer-to-peer support, workshops, education and training, and Queer Formal events.

The campaign was created by Bonds’ creative agency, Special Group. The agency’s founding partner in Melbourne, Rebecca Stambanis, said: “We were honoured to work in partnership with Bonds and Minus18 on this campaign. Minus18 do incredible work in building social inclusion and advocating for an Australia where LGBTQIA+ young people are safe, empowered, and surrounded by people that support them.”

The I Feel Love campaign kicked off on Sunday and will run across social, online, outdoor and in store. Mo’Ju’s track is available to stream on Spotify.

Campaign credits
Client: Bonds
Head of Marketing (Acting): Karen Dwyer (she/her)
Marketing Manager: Kedda Ghazarian (she/her)
Brand Manager: Amanda Varbaro (she/her)

Agency: Special Group Australia
Production: Chee Productions
Executive Producer: Matt Chee (he/him)
Director/ Photographer: Tracey Lee Hayes (she/her)
DOP: Alex Cardy (she/her)
Post Production:
Editor: Fraser Kelton (he/him)

Sound: Rumble
Music Supervision: Level Two Music
Music Supervisor: Karl Richter (he/him)/ Marcus Brooke-Smith (he/him)
Artist: Mo’ju (she/her)
Instagram Filter: T&DA


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