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News March 17, 2018

Mirror Music have signed their first ever US based artist

Mirror Music have signed their first ever US based artist

Mirror Music Group have quickly established themselves as a growing force to be reckoned with within Australia’s indie music scene. The management company and label currently represent an impressive roster including indie-rock stalwarts, Gang Of Youths, grunge-pop revivalists Middle Kids, indie-pop up and comers Sloane Peterson and more.

Now, the label has signed their first ever US based artist, Lola Kirke. Check out her hauntingly beautiful take on classically informed alt-pop below:

MMG’s Director Kurt Bailey has said in a statement, “we’re thrilled to be working with Lola. Her songwriting takes me back to some of the greats like Patsy Cline which had me hooked from the first listen. She’s an exceptional talent in a lot of fields and we look forward to being apart of her musical journey.”

“I wrote ‘Monster’ while I was watching someone I love struggle with self-love and care, but in the process of writing it, I realised that I hadn’t exactly mastered the delicate balance of those things either” said Kirke about the track to Rolling Stone. Kirke has previously made a name for herself, featuring in the acclaimed music-based series ‘Mozart In The Jungle’.

Kirke will act as Middle Kids’ opening act during their US tour this summer and plans to release her debut album sometime this year.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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