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News March 15, 2021

Foxtel Arts to broadcast Michael Gudinski interview special

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Foxtel Arts to broadcast Michael Gudinski interview special

Foxtel Arts will air a special tribute interview with the late Michael Gudinski on the eve of his Victorian State Memorial service, the broadcaster has announced.

Gudinski passed away on March 2 aged 68, with much of the industry rocked by the news.

Michael Gudinski – My Story premieres on Foxtel Arts, Tuesday March 23 at 7.30pm.

Fronted by Australian journalist and broadcaster Mike Munro, the interview was conducted for Foxtel’s “MATESHIP” series which celebrated the close bonds that unite Australia and the US.

In the interview, Gudinski reflected on his time trying to crack the US music scene and the rich history of Mushroom Records and the empire built.

“Mushroom was a rock label and a lot of people thought I was going crazy but Kylie, to see her so strong to this day, she is Australia’s greatest export, she’s our queen that girl.

“Then you look at Jason, Dannii, Peter Andre, and a lot of people were going this is the end of Mushroom,” Gudinski told Munro during the interview.

“Well let me tell you, you’ve got to pay your bills, and as I got older I realised it’s not just about what I like or being a fan of, it’s about appealing to generations and different generations.”

Brian Walsh, FOXTEL’s executive director of television said Gudinski was “one of a kind”.

“Foxtel is honoured to have the opportunity to share this rare and intimate interview with one of the industry’s most illustrious pioneers. It is a fitting tribute,” Walsh said.

Michael Gudinski- My Story premieres on Foxtel Arts on Tuesday, March 23 at 7.30pm and with an encore on March 24 at 8.30pm on Fox Showcase, and ixs also available on-demand.


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