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News October 15, 2021

Menulog recruits Baker Boy, Kirsten Salty, D’Arcy Spiller & Big Twisty for new musical campaign

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Menulog recruits Baker Boy, Kirsten Salty, D’Arcy Spiller & Big Twisty for new musical campaign

Menulog has taken its ‘Did Somebody Say Menulog?’ campaign, previously fronted by international star Snoop Dogg, and given it a local twist to support local artists.

The campaign features Baker Boy, Big Twisty, D’Arcy Spiller and Kirsten Salty who have put their own spin on the track.

The home-grown campaign was done in collaboration with Mushroom Group via its Mushroom Creative House in a bid to give home-grown talent a platform and celebrate and support the music industry during challenging times.

Menulog said it handed creative control of the Snoop Dogg track to the Aussie artists, which further helps to shine a light on our talent pool of home-grown artists.

The brand flagged that this was just the first step in its plans with Mushroom Group, and as the country comes out of lockdown there will be more from the ‘Did Somebody Say Menulog?’ platform.

Matt Gudinski, chief executive at the Mushroom Group, was thrilled with the local focus from Menulog.

“We’re excited by the opportunity to give some of the country’s most exciting young talent a platform with the new Menulog campaign,” he said. “At a time when Australian artists are struggling, it’s great to see a brand willing to support the local music industry, rather than hunt down an international superstar.”

Baker Boy said it was fun to put his own flavour on the iconic advertisement.

“I’m pumped to be working with Menulog and Mushroom and get to re-write my own version of the Snoop track,” he said. “It was really fun getting to add my own flavour and throw in a nod to some of my favourite bush tucker. It’s been such a rough time for the industry, so it just feels so good to have this opportunity to create something really special.”

Spiller also relished the opportunity.

“Everyone knows the Snoop song, so it’s a real opportunity for Menulog to shine a light on the Australian music scene. We have so many talented artists wanting a platform to share their art and I know this is just the first step in Menulog providing that.”

Kirsten Salty, meanwhile, noted how personal food is, which means each artist’s take on the track provides some real insight into them.

“I think it’s going to generate a lot of talkability, not just about the lyrics but also how Menulog and Mushroom have focussed this globally successful track to provide a platform for local artists. I hope more Australian brands follow.”

Dom Littrich, AKA Big Twisty, said he hopes everyone gets around the campaign and supports the message of getting behind local artists.

“We had one hell of a time getting into the lab and laying down some heat over a fat Snoop Dogg inspired beat,” he added.

The campaign was produced by Jerome Farah. It kicks off on Sunday, October 17 and will run across TV, radio, social and digital.


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