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News June 22, 2018

Melbourne is getting a bronze Molly Meldrum statue

Melbourne is getting a bronze Molly Meldrum statue

Creative Victoria‘s Rockin’ The Laneways program is an amazing public celebration of Melbourne’s rich music heritage.

They recently announced a new round of projects that have been funded, among them a mentoring program, a history of punk documentary, a 200-page Melbourne music guide, a feminist music and arts festival, and a massive bronze statue of our Lord and Savior, Sir Molly Meldrum.

(Meanwhile, in Sydney, we aren’t allowed in pubs after 1:30am)

The statue will be created by Melbourne artist Louis Lauman, and will be situated behind the legendary Corner Hotel.

There will also be a music-related mural in Wangaratta Street Park which will detail the city’s local musical history.

In case you feel that Molly’s musical achievements aren’t enough to warrant this, please read about how he totally ruined Elton John’s birthday party.

I saw your mum

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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