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News June 15, 2022

Song Zu to be Replaced by Massive Music in Sydney and Singapore

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Song Zu to be Replaced by Massive Music in Sydney and Singapore

Massive Music is the newest kid on the block of the Australian music business scene, as the business replaces Song Zu in the local market.

Both Massive Music and Song Zu were acquired by Songtradr in 2021.

Massive Music will take on the local Song Zu teams both in Sydney and Singapore.

The company said both offices are committed to the same goal – “helping the world’s most renowned brands become more strategic and effective with the emotional power of music sound”.

The newly incorporated Song Zu team will add sound design to Massive Music’s full-service offer, Songtradr said. Massive Music can now offer both agencies and brands in the APAC region unparalleled support and partnerships in the world of music and sound, it added, with services such as sonic branding, bespoke music composition and production, artist collaborations and music licensing.

The business in Singapore and Sydney will be led by Ian Lew as managing director and Ramesh Sathiah as executive creative director. All existing Song Zu partners will become part of the new leadership team.

Hans Brouwer, CEO and founder of Massive Music, noted the opportunities associated with bringing the teams and the brands together.

“We live in a globalised world, yet the advertising and branding industries still need a local approach: that’s why Massive Music has offices all over the world. Singapore is one of the most exciting hubs for the APAC region whereas Sydney, with its branding market and demands, will allow us to get stronger in Australia while being exposed to its talent,” he said.

“Joining with the award-winning team at Song Zu, who have built an incredible reputation for excellent creative work over the years really boosts the Massive Music offer on what we can provide for clients in the region. Together, we have the ability to support any brand who’s willing to invest in their music strategy and make the world sound better. Music knows no geographical boundaries – and I’m happy we can now say the same.”

Sathiah added: “I have always admired Massive Music as original thinkers pushing the boundaries of the brand/music connection. Their work creating the sound of Kathmandu, Colgate-Palmolive and Philips, and as global sound partners with TikTok, shows what can be done by partnering so closely with agencies and brands. It’s really a full-service music agency, in a way that hasn’t been done here before and we can’t wait to unleash this braintrust on the next creative challenge.”

Songtradr also announced the purchase of AI metadata and music search company Musicube earlier this month.


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