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News October 22, 2018

Latest signings at Fader/Caroline Australia, Golden Robot & Hysterical

Latest signings at Fader/Caroline Australia, Golden Robot & Hysterical

Fractures – the project of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Zito – signed a US deal with New York-based Fader, which is released locally through Caroline Australia.

A new track, Sculpture, was issued late last week.

Fractures caught the attention of The Fader’s president and publisher and now Fractures co-manager, Andy Cohn who turned to music in the summer of 2016 after the sudden death of his wife from cancer.

After hearing more music, he signed him to the label, which is home to Clairo, YOTA: Youth of the Apocalypse and Matt and Kim.

The Fractures project has released two albums: Fractures (2014) and Still Here (2017).

The latter came after a near-fatal incident which put Zito into a self-imposed isolation.

Speaking of new track Sculptures, Zito says, “The idea here is that as we change and grow, every day builds on the day before, strengthening the connection of two people.

“It alludes to sculptures as something that typically are everlasting and withstand the test of time.

“It deals with the moments of doubt everyone has with any relationship, internal questioning of whether it’s heading in the right direction but ultimately knowing that the whole business of love is about persistence and tolerance.”

Australian label Golden Robot’s international expansion continues with the signing of UK rock trio rock RavenEye.

Their second album released worldwide in 2019 via Golden Robot Records’ partners in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Mark Alexander-Erber, group founder and president says of signing RavenEye: ‘”Rock is back, well it never went away really, and we at Golden Robot Records have been watching RavenEye from the start.

“They have all the ingredients of a brilliant rock band but stand above the pack with their attitude, ethic and of course, their killer songs!

“We couldn’t be prouder of having the boys join the family and are looking forward to helping them take over the world!’

RavenEye founder Oli Brown is one of Britain’s rising guitar heroes.

By 2014, at the age of 25, he had released four solo albums and toured the world with Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Joe Satriani and others.

RavenEye ‘s influences include Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden and QOTSA and have become faves on US rock radio.

Golden Robot’s parent company Golden Robot Global Entertainment has teams in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, London, Tokyo and Auckland.

Adelaide’s Fair Maiden are the latest addition to Hysterical Records.

They are fronted by singer and songwriter Ellen Carey and guitarist Steph Crase.

Their debut single Fire And Blood has just hit the market.


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