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News October 27, 2015

Kyle and Jackie O reclaim crown in Radio Ratings Survey 5

Survey #5 has just been released by GfK, with some big results around the country. The leading stations today are 2GB in Sydney, 97.3 Brisbane, Mix Adelaide, Mix Perth and 3AW has reclaimed Melbourne.

See the full figures below:



ARN will be very pleased with Sydney, it has been a very strong duopoly result.

  • WS slipped slightly to 9.4% overall, but remains #1 FM, and KIIS has improved to 8.7% and now a clear #2.
  • It’s all about Breakfast and the ARN stations absolutely dominate the FM band; Kyle & Jackie are again #1 with a big rise of 1.5% to 10.5%; around 5% clear of Triple M, Nova and Smooth, and a point ahead of WSFM.
  • Jonesy & Amanda on WS have fallen by 2.1% to 9.4 and now sit behind KIIS, yet are still a long way ahead of the other FM stations.
  • In the demos, KIIS has stretched it’s lead 25-39, and the KIIS/WS combo 25-39, and particularly 25-54 is the dominant combo in Sydney.

A very strong result for ARN Sydney, the rooftop pool might get a workout later today.


An ordinary day for SCA in Sydney with 2Day in last (commercial) place overall, and Triple M falling heavily to be ahead of only 2Day, 2CH and 2UE.

  • So on 2Day; overall the result is down with the station declining marginally to 3.8%, and taking the unenviable title of the lowest ranked commercial station in the market.
  • That said; Breakfast improved by 0.6% to a 3.6%, clearly still a long way to go, but at this point any increase for 2Day is a welcome one.
  • The rest of the dayparts for 2Day were ordinary. Down everywhere, and with the exception of a 3.3 jump in teens, no exciting demo stories to tell.
  • No doubt the male/female breakdown for Triple M will be more positive for SCA, but on the surface the results are not great. Falling by nearly a point to be the second lowest ranked FM station.
  • Every demo was down, and every daypart was down for Triple M.
  • The damage was driven heavily by 25-39’s, traditionally fertile territory for Triple M. In this book they are beaten by all other FM stations, aside from 2Day, in that demo.


If it’s a great day for ARN, and a rough one for SCA, Nova are somewhere in the middle.

  • Nova 969 has softened, with declines in all the key demos, and in all dayparts other than drive.
  • The Breakfast result has again fallen, with Fitzy & Wippa now back in the 5-shares, 5 or so points behind KIIS, but 2 points ahead of 2Day.
  • Nova look likely, on the surface, to have been knocked off by KIIS as the #1 under 40 station.
  • Nova has fallen to be ranked 4th FM overall, behind KIIS, WS and now Smooth.
  • Despite the weak Nova result, a ripper Smooth result with the station moving into 3rd position overall on 7.2%.
  • Smooth’s position as a workday play is clearly paying off, with the station seeing solid growth in mornings, afternoons and drive.

So overall for Nova Entertainment a mixed duopoly result, but they would be celebrating a tremendous survey for Smooth.

Macquarie Radio

A good, solid result for Macquarie Radio

  • 2GB improving to 13.1% and holding #1 overall, and 2CH jumping a tad to 4.1% overall.
  • 2GB have recovered their losses 40-54 in the previous survey, and remain dominant in the 55+ demos.
  • Alan Jones on Breakfast has added 1.4% to lead  702 in that daypart by 3 points.

Fairfax Radio

Well after what seems like years of pain for 2UE, some good news at last for the struggling talk station today;

  • 2UE has improved nearly a point overall to 4.6%, ahead of 2CH, and just behind Triple M.
  • The increase was driven by improvements in all dayparts, aside from drive, and some incremental demo improvements 40-54 and 65+.
  • A long way to go, but perhaps some rays of sunshine starting to emerge.


A mixed result for the ABC today, one up and one down;

  • 702 has had a strong result, with some massive daypart performances across the board.
  • Drive was particularly strong with a 2.8% jump consolidating the #1 position in the daypart.
  • Triple J fell, but in the process did a Stephen Bradbury and leapfrogged Triple M who fell further.



You can’t have it all. After a tremendous Sydney result, the Melbourne one would be a reminder that what the survey gods giveth, they can taketh away.

  • Gold has slipped marginally from the (equal) #1 FM position to a 7.2% share overall. This ranks the station in 3rd FM place.
  • The station was driven by a strong, albeit slightly down, workday performance with Mornings and Afternoons the leading dayparts for Gold. Breakfast improved slightly.
  • Mix has had a poor result, falling to last FM place.
  • All demos for Mix were off, with the damage across all dayparts.
  • Mix’s Breakfast show fell by 0.6% to be in 3rd FM position, narrowly ahead of Gold in 4th place.

Nova Entertainment

On the surface there were minimal movements for the NE stations, with Nova up 0.1 and Smooth down 0.1 overall, beneath that there have been some movement however.

  • Nova improved under 24 significantly, but fell slightly 25+.
  • The Breakfast share only fell by 0.1%, which was enough for Nova to fall to the #5 FM ranking in the market behind both SCA and both ARN shows.
  • That said, whilst Nova’s Breakfast ranking is low, they are only 0.5% off jumping Gold and Mix.
  • The standout daypart for Nova, again, was drive which is equal #1 FM.
  • Smooth was flatt-ish. Up in some areas a bit, down a bit, but overall a survey of consolidation for Smooth and one that NE will be likely to be happy with.


A good result for SCA overall in Melbourne, with Fox the standout.

  • Fox are back to the #1 FM position, driven by big jumps in all dayparts, and all the key demos.
  • Breakfast on Fox has improved by 1.0% to an 8-share, which ranks it as #2 FM behind Triple M.
  • Drive on Fox is equal #1 with Nova.
  • Triple M were flat overall, with Breakfast improvement offset by some small daytime declines.
  • That said, Triple M’s Breakfast show is #1 FM, leading the market by a healthy margin.

Fairfax Radio

  • 3AW are back at where they feel they probably belong; in the #1 position overall.
  • Improvements everywhere, particularly in Breakfast where they added a massive 2% overall.
  • And rounding off Melbourne for Fairfax, Magic has improved by 0.8% to a 4.8% share.
  • Magic improved in every daypart and pretty much every demo.
  • Overall, a very strong result for Fairfax Melbourne.

Pacific Star

  • Right in the guts of the footy season, this is SEN’s time to shine, and they have done well.
  • SEN improved to a 5.1% share, with strong daypart and demo performances.
  • The male/female breakdown would be likely to show SEN as a compelling male proposition.


  • 774 had a ripper book last time, and this survey has brought them back by 1.4%; meaning they are a couple of points behind 3AW overall, but still well ahead of the FM stations.
  • The damage was done in Breakfast. Red Symons had a monster survey last time, and he has fallen this book by nearly 3%. The joy of waves and weightings.
  • Triple J are up a little to a 4.3%, with all dayparts moving up a little.
  • 25-39’s remain fertile hunting ground for Triple J; they are in (equal) 3rd place 25-39, behind Triple M and Fox.



A mixed bag for Fairfax Radio in Perth today with one station up and one down;

  • 96FM has fallen marginally to 10.7%, with small declines in most dayparts.
  • Most of the decline was driven ‘out of target’ with 96 seeing big falls in teens and 18-24; in the core 25-54 demo, the station saw increases.
  • 6PR has had a big jump into the 10’s, with significant increases in all dayparts aside from evenings.
  • The big increases were driven 65+ where 6PR added 6% to their share, correlating with a fall for ABC720.

Nova Entertainment

  • A very strong result for Nova 93.7 in Perth with the station moving into the 12’s, and narrowing the gap with Mix, who fell to 14.2.
  • Nova is again driven heavily by a strong drive performance, the show is #1, and a strong Breakfast result.
  • Breakfast on Nova is 0.3% off being #1 overall; so some motivation for Nathan, Nat and Shaun leading into S6!


Not what SCA would have wanted in Perth with both stations falling;

  • Mix 94.5 have fallen by a point, yet remain the dominant #1 station in the market.
  • Breakfast fell, however is now equal #1 with ABC720, and narrowly ahead of Nova.
  • Whilst Mix saw declines in most dayparts, they copped a whack in the (out of demo) 18-24 figures, falling by 6.5%.
  • 92.9 have had a rough result, suffering falls in all the key demos, and all dayparts.
  • The station has fallen by 1.3% overall, and is the second lowest ranked commercial station in Perth, ahead only of 6IX.

Capital Radio

  • A flat result for 6IX with no significant movements to their result, it was largely flat.
  • 6IX is on a 5-share, and whilst it is likely to be profitable given the low cost base, you’d have to think they’d be looking at Cruise Adelaide’s consistent 7’s and 8’s and considering how they’ve achieved that.


The ABC really are exceptionally strong in Perth, both stations consistently do well.

  • Triple J has improved to a 10.3 share, 4th overall, but it is the demos where it shows it’s strength.
  • The 18-39 demo is absolutely dominated by Triple J in Perth, with the station holding a 10 point lead 18-24.
  • Given the massive 18-24 variance in this survey (they jumped 9 points), they might have gotten lucky with the diaries, but that doesn’t take away from their 18-39 strength – they’ve done well.
  • ABC720 fell a little, particularly in Breakfast, where they fell to be equal #1 with Mix.
  • This survey wasn’t ABC720’s best, with declines in all dayparts, and the core 65+ demo taking a hit, courtesy of 6PR, but ABC720 generally bounces back pretty quickly.


Nova Entertainment

A good duopoly result for NE today in Adelaide:

  • FIVEaa has improved by nearly a point to 11.4% overall, this has given the station a narrow lead over ABC891.
  • The growth was driven by Drive and Evenings.
  • Traditionally, the performance of FIVEaa’s drive show is linked to how the Crows and Power perform; particularly the Crows. So with the Crows an outside chance for the AFL finals, and Power in the finals, that’s good for FIVEaa – and the results show that.
  • Nova have fallen slightly, but remain comfortably in the 10’s overall, well ahead of both SCA stations.
  • That said, the workday is getting competitive, with SAFM making strong gains across 9-4.


Adelaide has not been a happy hunting ground for SCA for some time now, however today has brought a few glimmers of hope;

  • SAFM has had it’s biggest improvement for some time, jumping 1.2% to an 8 share, with big increases 18-39.
  • Breakfast on SAFM remains a work in progress, however daytimes are getting some traction with the station recording strong gains.
  • Triple M was flat overall, but saw a big jump in Breakfast of 1.0% to be within striking distance of Nova.

Overall for SCA, given their performance in Adelaide of recent times, they will be likely to be very pleased with this market today.


Another day at the office for ARN Adelaide, with the powers that be likely to skim the results, tick them off as a job under control, and then move onto more problematic markets.

  • Mix fell by 0.4% yet remains the leading station in Adelaide by a country mile on 15.9%.
  • Mix wins every daypart, excluding Breakfast where it is a close second to ABC891; and the station monsters 25-54.
  • Cruise moved up marginally to 8.7%; ahead of SAFM (for now anyway) and a strong, creditable performance for a metro AM music station.


ABC891 is very strong in Adelaide, and this result is no exception with the station flatt-ish on 10.9%, in 3rd place overall.

  • The good news for 891 is that they are now a clear #1 in Breakfast, moving a tad ahead of Mix.
  • Triple J was down half a point, with declines across the board.
  • As we see in other markets, Triple J’s strongest demo is 25-39, and despite falling nearly 3% in that demo, it remains #1 in Adelaide.



Another strong showing for ARN in Brisbane.

  • While losing ground (-1.5), 97.3 still leads the market in Brisbane and is number 1.
  • 4KQ gained 0.7 to now hold 8% of the market – a nice positive result for them.
  • In breakfast 97.3 took a hit of -1.1 to a 13.2, but still leads closest FM competitor Nova by a fair margin.
  • Across the workday, 97.3 also lost ground, with drops in every daypart.
  • The opposite is true for 4KQ, with increases in all daytime shifts, with nights the only one to fall.
  • 97.3 also lost out in the 25-54 demo’s, It’s  heartland – losing share in 25-39’s and 40-54’s


Both SCA brands in Brisbane lost share, b105 the most, losing 0.7 to hold 9.4. MMM shaved off only 0.2.

  • b105 took it’s biggest hit with people 24 and under, losing 4% of 18-24’s and the 10-17’s also lost ground.
  • For MMM, while gaining a few more 25-39’s which they will take, they lost a few in the other demos; with the exception of 55-64’s.
  • In Breakfast b105 lost -.04 to secure a 9.1 for Labby, Stav & Abby.
  • Workday listening also lost ground with mornings and afternoons tumbling the most. Drive lost 0.1 with Nights the only one to increase.
  • For MMM – The Grill team took a fair hit losing -1.1, down to 8.5.
  • Mornings followed suit losing -1.2 as well. The picture improved a little for Afternoons, with Drive and Nights having the biggest increases.


  • They would be pretty happy with the strength of Nova 106.9. They increased their 10+ share to now sit with an 11.7.
  • Nova had good increases in the under 25 demo’s and maintained their lead being number 1, 25-39 for Brisbane.
  • When it comes to Breakfast, they would be wrapped. Ash, Kip & Luttsy had the biggest increase in the market, up 1.2 to now a 12.5 share.  They are closing in fast on 97.3.
  • Across the day, Nova 106.9 lost some share with the biggest fall in Drive, down to 15.4 but they are still number 1 with Kate, Tim & Marty.

Fairfax Radio

Not the best news again for Fairfax in Brisbane. They are still in rebuild mode for both brands.

  • 4BC took another hit, shedding -.05 to take them to a 4.4 share of Brisbane.
  • The falls continued across the day, breakfast also lost market to drop to a 4.4.
  • Mornings, Afternoons and  Drive also lost audience, the only shift increase was Nights.
  • Over at stalemate Magic882, an increase of 0.2 to a 5.2 share. Magic lost ground 55-64’s, but gained 65+.
  • For the dayparts, they saw an increase in all shifts with the exception of Breakfast which lost -1.1 to now be a 4.4.

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