News December 9, 2021

Jack River partners with Sydney studio for ‘We Are The Youth Day’

Jack River partners with Sydney studio for ‘We Are The Youth Day’

Jack River has partnered with Sydney’s The Artist Studio to launch ‘We Are The Youth Day’.

River’s song ‘We Are The Youth’ will be reinterpreted by 14 up-and-coming artists. River – real name Holly Rankin – shared the stems with The Artist Studio, who then dispersed them among the young artists.

The artists, who range in age from 12 to 28 years old, who have provided their interpretations of the song are Anabel Lucia, Anna Leeworthy, Annika Huisman, Ava Bizinalli, Awa Mbaye, Frankie Glover, Heiress, JOSHUA, Kelly Mayz, Lucinda Edwards, Monique Raso, Nicola Karabisis, Samara Ruby and Talia Vogel.

The Artist Studio offers core skills and resources to launch a career in music, from songwriting lessons, vocal training, workshops and industry mentorship.

Rankin, who wrote ‘We Are The Youth’ as an anthem for younger generations, said she was excited by the prospect of young people reworking a song she made for them specifically.

“I’m super excited to hear where the next generation of songwriters are taking things and feel very honoured to have them re-craft ‘We Are The Youth’,” she said.

Rankin has been advocating heavily for various causes throughout the year. During the Tokyo Olympics, River called on Channel 7, as well as businesses like Woolworths and Coles, to boost the amount of Australian artists they played.

The campaign was successful, with Channel 7 and Coles both specifically thanking her for reaching out and complying with her wishes.

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