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News January 10, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Melbourne studio, The Studio’s In The City, rebrands

EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Melbourne studio, The Studio’s In The City, rebrands

If you’ve been listening to Aussie music any time over the last ten years, the chances are pretty good that you’ve heard an album recorded at Melbourne’s iconic The Studio’s In The City. Now, after ten years of operation, the studio has announced it’s changing its name to Homesurgery Recordings.

Founded back in 2007 by Shihad drummer Tom Larkin, The Studio’s In The City has seen some of Australia’s finest musicians and producers work within its walls, overseeing the recording and production of albums by Calling All Cars, High Tension, VANNS, and Northeast Party House.

Likewise, the studio has played host to ARIA Award-winning producers such as the lateJames Lewis (Arctic Monkeys / CeeLo Green / Charli XCX), and Matt Lovell (Eskimo Joe, The Mess Hall, Shihad).

“I founded The Studios In The city in 2007 when I happened upon a project studio for long term rent,” explained Tom Larkin. “I moved a ramshackle amount of equipment in there and began work straight away on the debut album for a band called Young & Restless, that record went on to win a J award for Unearthed Album Of The Year”.

Since then, the studio has gone on to become known for its welcoming and nurturing environment, as explained by members of The Getaway Plan.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in some of the world’s most renowned studios, yet nothing really compares to the warm, welcoming and creatively nourishing environment. I feel very much at home there,” said vocalist Matthew Wright.

Now, the studio is set to change its name to Homesurgery Recordings, a name that mirrors the raw approach that the studio’s musicians and producers take to the work, and is also shared with Larkin’s artist development company.

“We have now arrived at a point where that manifesto now flows through the whole studio, it made sense to refocus the team and the studio under the ‘Homesurgery’ banner,” explains Larkin. “It’s a name that speaks to both the our collective respect for craft and detail, through to the ethos of providing a comfortable. relaxed and creative environment around the artist.”

And while the look and feel will be the same, the studio’s new API 1608 console will take things to a new level.

Check out Homesurgery Recordings’ website for more info.

Check out one of The Studio’s In The City’s first acts, Young And The Restless:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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