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News November 2, 2017

The Hordern Pavilion’s future as a live music venue is uncertain

The Hordern Pavilion’s future as a live music venue is uncertain
Image: Ashley Mar

The future of live music at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion is currently uncertain, following news that two Sydney sporting teams may be looking to use the venue as their potential new headquarters.

According to a report from The Daily Telegraph, both the Sydney Swans and the Sydney Roosters may be eyeing the 93-year-old venue as a potential candidate for its new base.

As it stands, the lease for the Hordern Pavilion and the adjacent Royal Hall of Industries is set to expire in 2021, meaning it would be perfect timing for either of the teams to look at moving in. Currently, the NSW Government has allocated approximately $40 million dollars into developing ‘centres of excellence’, which may just see the Hordern named as a suitable candidate.

“We’d be happy to see them use the Hordern (or RHI) but that decision is up to other authorities,” said Tony Shepard, SCG Trust Chairman.

A spokesperson for the Sydney Swans stated that the team are currently “examining a number of options in the Moore Park precinct for new training and administration base.” The Daily Telegraph notes that there are currently plans for a “huge scale project” to take place in the area, which may see a variety of changes made, including the addition of food outlets, a hotel, and even sporting facilities.

“Any specific future proposals would be subject to planning approvals,” a spokesperson for the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust noted.

Michael Nebenzahl, the managing director of Playbill and current lease-holder for the venues, has shared his opinion on the matter, stating it would be a “tragedy” if the Hordern ceased to be used in such a way,

“We’ve got a lease for a fair bit longer on the venue,” Michael Nebenzahl said. “Our main concern with the Hordern is that it doesn’t get turned into something else.”

As Music Feeds notes, the Keep Sydney Open movement also weighed into the situation, stating that Sydney “will be beyond saving” if the Hordern Pavilion is lost to sporting teams.

While the future of the Hordern Pavilion is currently unknown, the venue will still be used as a music venue up until at least 2021. While countless music fans will undoubtedly hope to see this continue for many years to come, it remains to be seen what the powers that be will decide upon.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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