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News August 4, 2021

GYROStream launches white label platform to ‘democratise distribution’

GYROStream launches white label platform to ‘democratise distribution’

Australian digital music distributors GYROStream is going global with the launch of a new international service that allows for brands to start their own automated distribution platform.

DistroDirect is designed as a white-label platform to let any record label, industry professional or music company to distribute their own tracks to digital service providers (DSPs) under the name of their own brand.

The fully customisable and automated white-label platform will deliver music to more than 100 DSPs worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon Music, Deezer and beyond.

Distributors will be able to set their own pricing and royalty rates and access data via their own admin panel, while artists using the service will be able to access DistroDirect to manage digital assets, uploads and access royalty payments.

DistroDirect’s team will continue to oversee all artist customer support and content deliveries on the service.

GYROStream and DistroDirect CEO, Andy Irvine, said that the idea for the platform was put forward internally amid last year’s lockdowns, and seeks to act as a market disruptor for an increasingly monopolised distribution sector.

“We saw a lot of music businesses doing it tough (many are still) with the loss of revenue across the board so we wanted to offer something that could help them diversify their income streams, further automate and scale their current distribution processes and help them have greater control over their artists end to end product deliveries,” Irvine said.

Since its beta launch in January, DistroDirect has allowed more than 150 music businesses in 21 territories to launch their own distribution arms, with Irvine hinting at the potential for it to expand into new fields such as digital marketing, artist advancements, vinyl production and global promotions.

“We’ve already onboarded so many like-minded labels, studios and music-related start-ups who are representing some amazing artists,” Irvine said.

“Our aim is to empower more industry professionals and establish boutique distribution in every music market around the world.”

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