December 5, 2018

Guy Sebastian vs Titus Day: Unpaid commission claims to play out in court

Guy Sebastian vs Titus Day: Unpaid commission claims to play out in court

Nine months after Guy Sebastian and manager Titus Day dissolved their 12-year partnership, both sides issued claims and counter-claims over commissions.

Day’s 6 Degrees Management says it’s owed a six-figure sum in unpaid management commissions for deals he struck for the singer.

These include brand endorsements, performances, securing the opening slot for a Taylor Swift tour and a cut from Sebastian’s Sony recording deal and his Universal publishing contract.

Now it’s being played out in the Federal Court.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Sebastian claimed in court that he is owed 10% of the shares and profits of Nexdius, a company that owns the Solar D sunscreen brand.

In court documents, Sebastian stated that he acted as an ambassador for the product, did publicity for it, and used his celebrity profile to secure other brand ambassadors and set up distribution contracts for the product.

Day and Six Degrees dispute Sebastian’s version of the deal, or that he was ever a brand ambassador and that they never had a stake in the company.

The SMH also reported that one of the payments in dispute was for $18,000 in unpaid wages for Rebecca Oxenbould, an employee of his company Guytunes.

He says that Six Degrees agreed to take up 50% of her wage.

But 6 Degrees Management says Oxenbould was expected to work for its share of her wage but never did.