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News July 27, 2022

Golden Robot’s New Label Archangel Records Is Dedicated to Female Talent

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Golden Robot’s New Label Archangel Records Is Dedicated to Female Talent

Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group spreads its wings with Archangel Records, a sub-label with a mission to support independent women and their music.

Unveiled today (July 27), Archangel is founded by Jasmine Robins and Kay McRae, longstanding members of the Golden Robot team, who intend to create a space “with a wide and inclusive range of genres and people,” reads a statement announcing the new venture.

At launch, its roster includes Meeanjin/Brisbane based singer-songwriter Ella Fence, whose new album is due out shortly, and Indonesian indie act SCALLER, whose next single, “Music We All Have,” drops (August 8) ahead of the album Noises & Clarity, set for late September.

“Built around a shared desire to support independent women and their music,” the message continues, “Archangel Records is set to serve as the change that is sorely needed within the Australian music scene.”

Comments McRae: “Nothing feels better than being in your element. Listening to music, creating connections and new experiences… It’s amazing. As time has gone on I’ve noticed that something is lacking in this industry, and that’s women. I want to change that.”

Other signings include Texas alt-rock outfit Tough On Fridays, whose first album through the label is The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, due out in November. It’s led by the single “Growing Pains,” out August 15.

Archangel Records co-founders Jasmine Robins and Kay McRae.

“The music industry is fast paced and fierce, but rewarding to work in,” adds Robins.

“Seeing releases go out and watching them do well, knowing that you’ve had a hand working on them, is an incredible feeling. The connections you make with artists, managers and people in the music world are connections that will last a lifetime and another reason why I love this industry so much.”

Archangel Records sits alongside Golden Robot’s growing collection of labels, which include Social Family Records, Riot Records, Crusader Records and Counter Clockwise Records.

“I am over the moon to not only have two hard working and loyal staff members as part of our global team but they have shown an entrepreneurial attitude and flair at such a young age,” comments group CEO and founder Mark Alexander-Erber, who established the business in 2015.

“I would be crazy not to back their initiative and leadership in the undertaking of this new label. They have my full support and the backing of the Golden Robot International machine in every way.”

Golden Robot Global Entertainment gathers a dozen international independent record labels and has teams in several majors, from its HQ in Sydney, to Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, London, Tokyo, Toronto and Auckland.


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