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News September 25, 2017

Speakers announced for Global Cities After Dark forum

Speakers announced for Global Cities After Dark forum

Last year, EMC attendees were treated to the thoughts of Mirik Milan, Night Mayor Amsterdam, who outlined ways in which Sydney could safely and intelligently become a globally-renowned ‘night city’. (It’s basically the opposite of that at the moment – but things are getting better all the time.)

EMC and Mirik Milan have again teamed up, today announcing the inaugural speaker line-up for Global Cities After Dark – a one-day forum focused on global night time culture and economy.

“Global Cities After Dark brings together 150 delegates to hear from leading Night Time Culture and Economy specialists from around Australia and the world about the forces shaping our lives, cities and businesses”, EMC explain in a presser.

Global Cities After Dark runs on November 28, and is an invite only forum, for city planners, local and state government, artistic and cultural organisations and “most importantly the nightly creative leaders.”

Mirik Milan explains: “Being a part of Global Cities After Dark is like a dream come true, because by sharing ideas for a safe and vibrant nightlife, it empowers bottom up initiatives after dark that contribute and strengthen creative cities around the world. It will be one of the most innovative forums from a city planning perspective because global thought leaders will gather in Sydney to discuss what strategies can be put in place for creating liveable inclusive cities with high quality of life and culture for everyone.”

Global Cities After Dark will be held in Sydney each November, for the next three years.


Adam Winstock, Global Drug Survey
Andee Frost, Animals Dancing
Andreina Seijas, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Anne Loxley, C3 West
Anne Malloch, City of Melbourne
Baby Guerrilla, Artist
Barrie Barton, Right Angle Studio
Brett Robinson, Icebergs Group
Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning
Clare Holland, FBi Radio
Declan Lee, Gelato Messina
Dr Caitlin Hughes, National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre
Emily Collins, Music NSW
Glen Cassidy, Cake Wines
Helen Marcou, Bakehouse Studios / Save Live Australia Music (SLAM)
Jemma Cole, Soft Centre
Jess Scully, City of Sydney
Joel Edmondson, Q Music
Kate Becker, Office of Film & Music City of Seattle
Kees Dorst, UTS
Kevin Nuttall, Waterfield
Kirsty Rivers, Creative Victoria
Libby Harris, City of Sydney
Lutz Leichsenring, Berlin Clubcommission/The Creative Footprint
Marie-Louise Theile, James Street Initiative
Maurice Terzini, Icebergs Group
Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam
Sarah Barron, MCA
Simon Shaw, Capstone Collective
Tyson Koh, Keep Sydney Open

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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