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News December 14, 2017

Forged Ed Sheeran tickets have landed an Aussie tourist in jail

Forged Ed Sheeran tickets have landed an Aussie tourist in jail

We’re already aware of how ridiculous the ticket resale market can be, which is why numerous companies have done all they can to combat scalping and resale sites from preying on the unwitting consumer. However, these efforts have done nothing to stop punters falling victim to good ol’ fashioned paper ticket scams, as evidenced by a recent incident in Singapore.

As The Daily Mail reports, four men, including an Australian, a New Zealander, and two British nationals, have jailed for using fake tickets to Ed Sheeran’s recent Singapore concert.

Paul Cosgrove, the 56-year-old Australian, was sentenced to four weeks in jail on Wednesday after he admitted to having aided Briton Martin Keane in sneaking fans into Sheeran’s November 12th gig Singapore.

Reportedly, Paul Cosgrove supplied Martin Keane with fake passes, which he used to get fans past security. Court documents also state that Keane also charged these unsuspecting fans a mark up of Sg$150 (AUD$145).

In an unrelated case which occurred at the same concert, two New Zealand tourists were also arrested by Singaporean officials for having used fake tickets to attend Sheeran’s sold-out concert. At this stage, it’s unclear whether they’ve been sentenced to any jail time or if the case is still before a Singapore court.

The Daily Mail noted that Martin Keane took four fans into the concert on two seperate occasions, but when he attempted it a third time, he was caught by security and detained. His partner in crime, Paul Cosgrove was caught ten days later by immigration officials as he was attempting to cross into Malaysia.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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