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News July 3, 2017

Finalists for the 2017 APRA Professional Development Awards have been announced

Finalists for the 2017 APRA Professional Development Awards have been announced

Finalists for the 2017 APRA Professional Development Awards have been announced today, with 40 songwriters and composers, across eight categories, being nominated.

The bi-annual award ceremony sees a wide variety of emerging singers, songwriters, and composers being recognised for their amazing work within the industry, with the list of previous winners of the PDAs including big names such as Gotye, Abbe May, Briggs, and Vassy.

Tkay Maidza, Montaigne, Ainslie Wills, Robbie Miller, and Oscar Key Sung are just some of the nominees of this year’s awards. A reputable ‘who’s-who’ list of judges were tasked with naming the nominees this year, with judges including Lior, Mia Dyson, James Blundell, Brooke McClymont, and Leah Flanagan.

Eight categories see a total of 40 Aussie songwriters and composers in the running for recognition, with awards given under the categories of classical, country, dance/electronic, film & television, Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander, jazz, and three awards being awarded under the category of popular contemporary. The final category, Smugglers Of Light, is named for an organisation presenting the Indigenous Music and Media Award. The foundation is set up in memory of Eli Westlake, who was tragically killed in 2008 at the age of 21.

The awards are handed out on July 25th, so be sure to pay close attention to the proceedings on the date to see whose hard work has been formally recognised. Check out the full list of nominees below, and have a listen to a Spotify playlist of the finalists’ work below.

2017 APRA Professional Development Awards finalists

Popular Contemporary

Ainslie Wills
Dave Crowe
Elizabeth Mitchell
Hannah Cameron
Hannah Crofts
Jessica Cerro pka Montaigne
Julia Jacklin
Peter Harding pka Thief
Sophie Payten pka Gordi
Tkay Maidza

Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander

Benjamin Walker
Jess Beck
Joseph Dargan pka Lucky Luke
Robbie Miller
Zaachariaha Fielding


Amanda Cole
Julian Day
Katy Abbott
Nicole Murphy
Tristan Coelho


Christie Lamb
Danielle Blakey
Fanny Lumsden
Kaylee Bell
Timothy James Bowen


Jacob Grant pka Just a Gent
Laura Lowther pka Kučka
Nat Conway
Nicholas Drabble pka Set Mo
Oscar Key Sung

Film & Television

Amy Bastow
Angela Little
Claire Deak
Damien Lane
Pru Montin


Andrea Keller
Daniel Susnjar
Kristin Berardi
Sam Anning
Steve Barry

Smugglers Of Light

Eric Avery
Gina Williams
Jessica Hitchcock
Yirrmal Marika
Zaachariaha Fielding

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