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News May 28, 2018

Festival Hall still faces wrecker’s ball

Festival Hall still faces wrecker’s ball

Festival Hall in Melbourne may still have a date with the wrecker’s ball despite moves by the state government to give it heritage protection.

Melbourne QC Chris Wren, representing venue owners Stadiums Limited, told the ABC Radio that their plans are still to demolish the longtime music venue and put up two 16-storey residential and commercial blocks in its place.

Plans are for the entire venue to be demolished with only the façade to remain.

Previously, owners had long revealed that Festival Hall was finding it difficult to compete with Melbourne’s major stadiums as an entertainment venue.

About the heritage protection process, Wren said: “We expected that this might happen and we will now follow due process while the matter is being considered by the Heritage Council.”

As the venue is recommended for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register, any development approval by the City of Melbourne has to get permission from the Heritage Council.

The community has 60 days to put in submissions.

Planning development minister Richard Wynne can intervene at any time of the process.


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